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Is Dainese worth it?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sillygit, May 5, 2007.

  1. Hey All,
    I went shopping for a full riding getup today. After trying a few different jackets (all non-leather) I felt the Dianese was the best. It was much lighter than the competition, it had a pocket in the back for a protector, the stitching looked neater and tighter and I liked the look to boot. However, it was a good couple of hundred more than my next choice...

    I've had a trusted friend recommended them and I was wondering what other people thought of the brand...


    p.s. The most comfortable helmet I tried was a Shoei XR1000 (I'm going to try on a few more on Monday) and of the Cruiser (I think that's what they were described as) boots, the Dianese seemed to offer the most protection...
  2. From all the jackets (leather) I've checked out I like dainese the best for the same reasons you have listed. I guess it comes down to you how much you think all of it is worth. I think wearing something that you like the look of is worth extra.

    If I decide to get dainese jacket (i'm still looking around) I will get it from here. The shipping for leather jacket is 80euros, I'm not sure about non-leather ones. If they don't have a style you like they can get it in, just email them.

    I also got xr1000 helmet. And I've just ordered Held Phantom gloves and Sidi vertigo tepor boots from newenough.com.

    Have fun shopping.
  3. I wouldn't be caught wearing anything other than authentic I-talian Dainese. Maybe alpinestars if i'm desperate. :grin:

    But seriously there are plenty of other good quality products out there for alot less.

    Like any garment you are paying for the design, quality, brand, materials. So a cheaper product may have the same quality but not the branding.
  4. I tried on Dianese before buying Alpine Stars- LOL the Dianese was cheaper!.

    The fit seemd better, but there was no provision for zipping the jacket to the pants, which was a concern.

    And the fact that they do not make jackets for big fat boofheads like me.
    If you are not weedy - don't bother looking at dianese!
  5. FWIW, I own a pair of Dainese gloves and a Dainese back protector.

    Both items seem to be well made and are very comfortable; the back protector's certified to the higher of the 2 CE standards for impact protection - not all protectors are.
  6. +1 at sizes - especially when you have the "chicks have hips and boobs" problem ;)
  7. Dunno about style and stuff, but the nasty crash that ended my racing days a few years back, would have put me in a wheelchair (or worse) without my Dianese back protector, and the same thing can be said of the time a 4WD used me as speed bump.
  8. Some dainese jackets have pants/jacket zipper and others don't. I'm also on the other end of scale, more of a gym junkie with slim waist and I don't want to have a loose jacket around the waist while I can barely get my shoulders/back/chest into the jacket.
  9. I bought a dririder jacket first, shorter style one, cheap as (120?) which was OK, but ended up feeling too bulky - especially at speed, although I still use it now whenever the weather is horrible to save the leather.

    I have a dainese leather jacket - I bought it because It wasn't fluro or all black and I could imagine wearing it without looking like a try hard boy racer, and it fit better than anything else I tried on. It was more expensive but I've never regretted it. Will have it until my belly swells up and makes me a fat bastard.

    The Dainese textile jackets were the best ones for a solid fit that I tried on, and had the most reliable looking zips (especially the zips that connected the inner lining). They were pretty expensive though I am thinking about getting something waterproof and less bulky than the dririder and might look at the dainese again, even if they are a few hungee over.

    Gloves are dainese as well, and they were costly little buggers, but fit...well, like a glove :cool: and give excellent feedback through the fingers - making fuelling up, and paying with gloves on a breeze!
  10. I ended up getting the Dianese Cordura jacket and I'm very happy with it. It's great, you can basically take all the innards (liner, shoulder pads, back protectory, etc) out and use it as a 'normal' jacket.

    I was going to get some cheaper pants to make up for the jacket but in the end I got a fancy Dianese pair. They were on sale so it seemed like a good deal (* Sillygit slaps his head *). My only complaint is that when the inner liner is out they mildly irritate the back of my knees but it's no big deal...

    I got some Daytona Flash boots. They came recommended and are very comfortable new and I'm told they will mold to my feet for extra comfyness. For a 'cruiser' boot they seemed to offer a good level of protection for the ankle and shin.
  11. I can't speak enough about the French brand IXON. I just bought a beautiful IXON Mystic leather jacket this afternoon for $569. Great quality and doesn't hurt your back pocket like Dainese or Alpinestar does.
  12. funnily enough all Dainese jackets are made in Ukraine

  13. when it comes to gear. i dont skimp i have the krishima i love it
  14. Whats this krishima brand? I did a search in google and got nothing.... :eek:
  15. Kirishma is a line of design by dainese
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  17. Being 5"7-8 and 60kg my problem is finding gear SMALL enough to fit me.
  18. +1

    Just recieved some perforated leather pants from them, great price (other than shipping) and great guys to deal with. Provided your order is less than $1000 there is no customs or import duty either.
  19. I changed my mind, I got silver Ixon Mystic jacket. I like the look and it's a lot cheaper. I'm also very likely going to outgrow it in few months time and I wasn't prepared to spend huge amount of money on a jacket I would wear only for 4-6months.

    I also like ixon's winter linear better, it doesn't get hooked on my watch like the dainese does. Dainese has better zippers and the velcro/leather patches which cover the zipper seem to cover/protect the zipper better.
  20. You can certainly tell the quality of a good jacket even just by looking at it. Dainese, Alpinestar and the likes are expensive, but for a good reason. These companies spend endless hours and money developing the gear to keep us safe and hopefully alive. So with this comes cost.. Always ask yourself, how much is my life worth ???