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Is Citylink (Vic) still free for motorcyclists? No it isn't!!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by samtastic, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. I was under the impression that Citylink is no longer free for motorcyclists, but I can't find anything definite.

    Rode along it this evening. Went on the site to buy a pass, but there is no option for motorbike when you choose a 'class'. the options are car, light commercial vehicle or heavy commercial vehicle.

    So, maybe it is still free for motorcyclists...?

  2. Yes it is still free just ride it as normal. Eastlink however do charge bikes.
  3. well there you go...

    "Do I need to open an account or buy a CityLink pass if I use CityLink on my motorbike?
    Not at this stage. "

    source https://www.citylink.com.au/293.jsp
  4. The cost for TransUrban to update their computer system so that it can cope with the rear-facing cameras (we all know what happened last time they tried) outweighs any money they would make from charging motorcyclists.
  5. As stated, citylink is free but eastlink charge which is half the normal car rate at the time you're crossing a toll point.

    Another point is if you require a tag for a car or yours, it may be a little more convenient to own an eastlink one so you can have your bike listed on your account thus not worry about calling the toll company.

    If you own a citylink tag, I've been told (not 100% sure) you can't list your bike on their account because they don't charge for bikes, then if you use eastlink, you have to go through the process of contacting eastlink.....
  6. You lucky melbourne bastards, everywhere in sydney is the same price for bikes as cars. If I was to go the most direct route to work each day it would cost me about $30 a day. Thankfully its only about 15 mins longer to skip all tolls each way. And well i don't really mind sitting on my bike an extra 15 mins, traffics never that bad and if it is nothing gives me a bigger hoot then filtering past it all.
  7. Yea you lucky Melbourne bastards. Sydney sux.
    Oh wait... I live in Melbourne! Yay for me. lol
  8. I found this page on Eastlink web site.

    They say you don't have to use a tag on a motorbike and if you already have one for the car, link the bike to it and you're good to go.

    The last time I checked prices, bikes were about half price that what cars are charged.

    Motorcycle tolls range from 18 cents up to a toll cap of $2.63. Motorcycles don't need tags and are not charged image processing fees.
  9. Elevated number plate + Ventura bag = no charge on the Storm, the bike is registered with them for days I don't carry the bag... :)
  10. fixed
  11. Had a quick look at the citylink account details and I couldn't seem to find where you can add (or have) a motorcycle to a CITYLINK account.

    So it seems even if you have a Citylink account, you'd have to still call Eastlink if you use your motorcycle on Eastlink toll roads.
    On my recent ride to Sydney, had to organize motorcycle tolls even though I have it attached to my Eastlink account where my tags in the car would have worked up there.

    Strange, my eastlink account just arrived via email as I was typing this.
    Yep, motocycle tolls are half the cost of cars.
  12. Get a Eastlink account where you can add yor bike and give the Citylink one a flick.
  13. I had citylink on my car, but when I got the bike closed down citylink and now have an eastlink account only with the car and bike on it. Far easier overall.
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Not open for further replies.