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News Is Bultaco The Next Player In The Electric Motorcycle Game?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Is it getting crowded in here? Resurrected Spanish brand Bultaco looks set to enter the electric motorcycle game as early as next year. Last week the company launched a motorcycle/mountainbike hybrid – but that’s just a tiny taste of what could come out as early as next year.

    For those following the company, Bultaco actually unveiled two concept machines in 2014 – the Rapitan and Rapitan Sport. Those concepts/prototypes both produced 53 hp, 92 lb.ft of torque and had a range of over 125 miles (200 km). That compares pretty well to the Zero S which is the benchmark for current mainstream electric motorcycles.

    The heart of the bikes is a collaboration between Bultaco and MotoCzysz – an American firm which has a good history of electric motorcycle manufacturing and won the Isle of Man TT (electric class) four years in a row starting in 2010.

    According to Bultaco, what sets their electric machines out from the crowd is the front suspension and their innovative regenerative braking system. The front end works similarly to BMW Motoradd’s Telelever system which assists in reducing front end dive under braking. It has the added benefit of separating braking and turning forces which is ideal when coming into corners.

    Their regenerative braking system which is used to put energy back into the batteries when stopping is also (at least according to Bultaco) more efficient than competing systems. Part of this is done by stabilizing the rear wheel under braking, ensuring that as much regenerative energy is captured as possible.

    It’s expected that both the Rapitan and Rapitan Sport will be available for sale in late 2016 with prices around the $13,000 mark.

    Bultaco-Rapitan-004-150x150. Bultaco-Rapitan-Sport-001-150x150. Bultaco-Rapitan-003-150x150. Bultaco-Rapitan-001-150x150. Bultaco-Rapitan-005-150x150. Bultaco-Rapitan-002-150x150. Bultaco-Rapitan-Sport-002-150x150.

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  2. Telelever, no? Looks like a hossack or as bwm calls it duolever front end to me. Which is good because old rubbish telescopic forks have no place on new technology. I still don't want one but it isn't the worst I've seen.
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