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Is being a postie a good career move?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jomac, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Wondered about what it would be like to be a postie. My old motorcycle instructor who was a postie said it was dangerous.

    Wonder what those of you that have had experience in the career thought.
  2. been a postie for 14 years, is only as dangerous as motorcycling in general ,the same precautions and attitude you use when riding you bike you use when you are out delivering a run

    i like it good pay and conditions, no stress!!
  3. On the danger side, as said any job has its danger factor..

    As for a career move, well posties dont get paid to well, and i am sure it wont be too long before the whole thing is privatised and contracted out.
  4. early starts.
  5. Is this speculation or is this going to occur?

    One of the things that the past government said that it wouldn't do would be to sell of Australia Post. To me that would be a Bad Thing. It's one of the few public enterprises that actually makes money and provides a pretty good service.

    As for the OP and a career, if he can get into AP as a postie, then it's up to him if he wants to progress up the ladder.
  6. I'll look into it and I'll keep you posted

    The job does have my stamp of approval.

  7. :rofl: :rofl:

    Hope you get your new career sorted soon.
  8. Not a bad job, once you get out onto the bike. You usually spend half your time sorting the mail into your run which can be a bit of a headfcuk sometimes. Make sure you have some music to listen to as it eases the pain.

    But once your out on the bike it's fairly decent. The pay isn't huge but still better than others. You get +15% for the entire shift if you start before 6:30am, if you finish early you still get paid full-time hours, you get overtime rates and a meal allowance if you work more than an hour of overtime.

    Yeah, early starts but you finish early too(not all the time depending on mail volume).

    As for danger, I would say it's probably a bit more dangerous than normal riding simply because of those backing out of blind driveways. Your closer to them on the footpath than on the road. But if you pay attention to whats going on around you you will be fine.

    I've been a postie now for a whopping 5 weeks and while its not as great as you imagine it still is a reasonably decent job.
  9. The delivery of that joke was good :p
  10. My mate has been a postie for 10 years and worked for AP for 20 years. He tells me its only a matter of time before its contracted out to the private sector. His comments are that they just dont get enough good people due to poor wages, therefore there is alot of bad attitude nowadays. He has definately seen alot of changes in his time, i can assure you.
  11. A good friend of mine has been a bike postie for many years.
    He has the very very occasional off. Usually low speed on grass.
    He says as long as you don't ride outside the envelope (hehe) it's pretty safe.
  12. simple answer to the OPs question: NO!
  13. And AP thinks that this will improve by placing it into private hands, how?

    A private concern won't pay the same as AP. If there are say, 1,000 posties, then probably 700 will get the option of applying for their own jobs with the new mob at reduced pay rates and conditions.

    Then those who stay will be sufficiently pissed off to look elsewhere for work. Nett result: the community will suffer in poor postal service.

    Look at Telstra. It's cutting numbers of the contractors (former employees) that maintain the network. Look at stories of plastic bags trying to keep connections in JBs dry, poor network performance, crap lines to peoples' houses and the like.

    Also, with respect to Telstra "privatising" its maintenance services, how many linesmen-in-training jobs have been advertised in the past ten or twenty years compared to period when Telecom was still wholly government owned and ran regular training intakes?

    Same thing will happen with AP if it goes down this route.
  14. don't forget once you start being a postie you can then go onto the telstra bigpond ads "Dad why was the great wall of china built?"
    "to keep the rabbits out"
  15. I was an Auspost contractor for 2 years in rural Gippsland back in my poverty years.

    Great job, low stress, early starts, early finishes. The pay was average but kept me in beer.
    I was using a car to do the rural backroads and winter time really sucked let me tell ya.
    Driving around in the sleet and freezing rain with your arm out of the window wasn't much fun.
    The mail had to be delivered rail hail or shine.
    Met some great people out there though.

    Not sure whether I would call it a career though. More of a fill in job between careers perhaps.
  16. I was a Night Sorter this time last year. I quit last March due to the hours. When I got my Ps last January 07, they were desperate for me to transfer from night shift to day shift (and to be a postie). They knew my sort rate was very good. I couldn't do it because it clashed with my work hours in my other job.

    I worked for Australia Post, part-time as a second job. I do not think it is a career move. They are always on your back about your sort rate. (I found it hard to sort fast when I did not have enough sleep and I felt like a zombie). Getting to learn your run is the next thing. If AP was my only job, I would have fun for a little while but then I would be bored.

    As for a career move. It will take you a little while before you got a chance to become Team Leader. The pay is marginally higher but you have a hell of lot more responsibility. The ones who I found that liked their jobs were thes ones who did not need much money. It was like a retirement job for them. They earnt their big bucks on other jobs and they wanted to take a back seat in corporate responsibility. Others were happy because it was a "in-between" job for them. I was happy because I ignored the politics and I just did what had to be done (it was just a second job.) The heavy days like Xmas period, elections, October (which is the busiest months) were hard. It was the one time when 'overtime' was too much overtime. January was dead easy. Doing a 5 hour run in under 2.5 to 3 hours, if not less, common for most posties.

    I found the workmates great, although there was always some bickering (you get that in any big company). Changes were constant, I felt so out-of-date one or two months after I quit. In Sydney, they find it hard to fill posite's positions. The pay was not high enough to justify the costs of rents, etc. So many people quit. I quit because it was not worth it for me to be that tired for that amount of money. Especially on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. I still feel tempted to reapply for a postie's job instead of night shift whenever I see an ad. The faster you sort, the more time you have for deliveries. I wished I gained some experience riding those little CT110 on footpaths, over driveways and encountering a few extra hazards like roots in the ground, tree branches ready to wipe off your neck, etc.

    The unions are strong in AP. They pretty much determine how you get paid. It takes about a month to get use to your beat. (Some people can pick it faster). I managed to sort a 5 hour beat in under 4 hours. (Expect for Xmas, that was a bastard of a time). I enjoyed meeting other bike riders. They gave me heaps of hints for my P's tests. One of them was even a part time Stay Upright Instructor who helped me the day before my Ps test.

    Career move?? not really
    Pay?? not enough
    Workmates: great

    Sorry for not being able to give you a point from a postie's perspective. I was only a night sorter.
  17. I've been delivering since July last year and yes I'm enjoying it immensly.

    I have only had one 'off' ... due to a little old lady taking a corner to sharply... good thing I landed on grass.

    I start my delivery run at about 8:30am and by the time I've put the last letter in the mailbox it's between 11:30 and Midday.
    After that I get the rest of the day to myself, so I jump on my own bike and hit the road. :grin:

    When people ask me what I do i reply "I'm a professional motorcycle rider" :LOL: :LOL:

    get's them every time
  18. aus post will never go into private hands , the libs looked into it but the only way they could sell it off was to allow competitors in. and its too expensive for a company to move in and set up the infrustructure from scratch . can you see tnt or some other company delivering a letter from cooktown to perth for only 50cents and doing it in about 2 days no way they would only be interested in the cream the capital city to capital city mail. look how telstra has shafted the bush scince going private .

    post will never be sold while we have a labour government !!!

    as a career its great if it suits you ,pay, i earned over 60k last year and most days was home in time to pick my kid up from school

    my missus started out as a part time postie 11 years ago now she works in the gpo with data analasys (cant spell) and earnt over 70k last year. so if your not a sook and you are not afraid of a bit of hard work every now and then post can be good to you
  19. Never say never.

    The ALP was adamant that it would never privatise any public assets, yet it flogged the CBA and Qantas. NSW is trying to sell off its power industry, something that the ALP in Vic started but the Libs finished (and then there's the State Bank fiasco).
  20. rudd gave ironclad assurances to the union that post would remain in government hands,

    cba ,Qantas & telstra were all competeing in markets with private enterprise .
    if post was sold off the company who bought it would have a monopoly on 90% of its market,leaveing no way to regulate prices ,quality of service,etc

    id be the first to admit that post isnt perfect but its one of the best postal systems in the world consistantly out performing privatly owned NZ post and dutch post (just to name a couple)and has been for the last 20 years!