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Is Armour REALLY a Must??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Toya, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. I am having an internal dilemma.
    I have a DriRider Summit that I currently wear when out riding. It has all the protection that I need on the bike....kevlar, waterproof, lining, armour etc...
    After a year of riding I thought it about time that I get myself a leather jacket to compliemtn my "riding" wardrobe...the problem is that there is not much choice out there for women riders who aren't fans of the colour pink!!
    There is a bit of variety if I settle for an all black jacket, but I am not convinced that all black will give me good visibility other road users, especially when my bike is also black.
    So here is my dilema..
    the one jacket on the market that I have completely fallen in love with is the Dainese Yu jacket. It is a fantastically soft leather, white and black in colour...and here is the but.......no armour, actually no protection whatsoever!!! Besides being a leather jacket, there does not seem to be any other advantage to wearing it on the bike.
    So, I would like to get other riders opinions....is armour really THAT important?
    How many of you have jackets without any armour?
    I dont want to be one of those riders that has to look the part rather than be sufficiently protected...but this jacket is just so amazing and soft and comfortable!!!!

  2. I have 2 jackets. A dri rider climate control one, with armour. And a random one that was given to me as an extra/pillion jacket. I've never worn it, I just don't feel as safe in it, so its just a backup for the unforseeable.

    If you're going to come off, I think that armour would make a hug difference since its located at the place you're going to have fast and strong impact with the tarmac with.
  3. Once you've fallen off wearing ANY garment that has armour, you'll be convinced that it should be the first priority when choosing your next garment, trust me. There MUST be ladies' jackets that have decent looks AND armour, though, surely?

    here's one, and there's a heap more one level up on the same site...

  4. You gotta have hard bits to protect the soft bits :shock:
  5. Over pink

    yeah, the all pink get's a bit much does'nt it. I would strongly advise keep looking for a jacket you like that does have armour. They do exist and the range is getting bigger and better all the time.
    I have a shift jacket which has great armour. As soon as I put it on i knew it was 'the one'. It is all black though and that was a downside. Now at night I wear a reflective y-shaped thingy. But in the day I think my jacket my looks shit hot!
    Where have you been looking?
  6. Armour is definitely a must have. If the jacket has none you can buy mesh/armour jackets that can be worn underneath the leather one:
  7. Have a look at the IXON range of ladies leather jackets. Lots of different styles and all have armor!
  8. Re: Over pink

    I could just imagine you in full pink leathers.. :LOL:
  9. Cheeky Monkey

    Cheeky monkey - hmm, not sure if that's good or bad?!
    Ah, but now if they'd had full leopard skin leathers....
  10. NO, you can ride without it.
  11. Toya, did you look at the dainese lola-2 jacket? it has armour in it, but a very different look. If you want Yu Lady with armour, there are the 1-piece leathers. Another possibility is to wear armour directly on your elbows and get a taylor to fit in shoulder armour.
  12. Correct, but pesonally I wouldnt.

    Another option worth exploring would be Tiger Angel gear, they do made to order stuff with many colour options; there leather is also quite soft.

    You can even go online and design them.

  13. Remember to take out a second mortgage with tiger angel.
    Good quality but way overpriced.
  14. Smee as founding member of the bear army I think you should "ask the bear" :cool:

    Wear what ever is comfortable, don't feel forced to follow along with what people think.

    Remember, we used to drink water from the garden hose and climb trees for fun. Conformity is so bland.
  15. I've seen the gloves and love them, but not even soft padding to protect the knuckes. The jacket might have pockets to add armour. Worth checking out if you really love it that much.
  16. Sure, ride in nothing but a helmet if you want - it's perfectly legal. Just remember that armor can mean the difference between a cast and an amputation.
  17. Definitely don't buy a leather jacket without armour, you'll be short changing yourself. In my one off the armour in my jacket helped me to have no upper body or arm injuries at all. Not even a bruise or a graze (and I went down at 120ish kph). Got nasty kevlar burn from the draggins on one leg though. Wish I'd had knee armour.... :roll:
  18. Nuff I have looked at the Lola-2 jacket..but it just didnt appeal.
    I did come accross the Dainese Lima though which looks good. Again it has no armour, but it does have thermal lining, so at least that is a step in the right direction!!

    Pinkxie I have turned the jacket inside out looking for somewhere to stick the armour, It has a pocket for a back protecror, but nowhere for any shoulder of elbow armour. The jacket is just a tight fit that there is no way I could even consider squeezing any in myself (well n ot the elbows anyway).

    Donski, I have extensively looked online as well as Peter Stevens in Dandenong and the City. I have also been to Bike n Bits in Brighton. I think that by now I have looked at and tried on most of the female leather range...unfortunately it is only the 2 dainese ones that I seem to bond with!!
  19. Ah, you see, that's why you should wear something INSIDE your Draggins, cos kevlar burns are nearly as bad as tar burns. I wear and recommend 3/4 length lycra gym pants!! Never leave home without them.....
  20. As to the original question, get a chair, take it out on to some concrete, stand on it, then fall off and land on your knees and elbows. If you enjoyed that, then you don't need armour. :twisted:

    Okay, I'll admit my current leather jacket doesn't have armour, but any new gear I buy certainly will have. :p