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is anyone watching Dateline right now?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. don't tell me we're better than them!

  2. what are you talking about... leonardo di caprio?
  3. :) no. story's changed in the last 5 mins. it was the latest release of photos and videos of the torture of iraqi POWs by US soldiers. they were pretty graphic, pretty horrific and heaps of 'em. not a lotta hope i reckon when both sides are bad as each other...
  5. bugga might have been an interesting watch :(
  6. interesting but not fabulously joyful i'm afraid. no doubt they'll be shown again elsewhere over the next day or two. thx for picking up the thread and wondering :)
  7. War, as they say, is hell. Casualties and attrocities occur on both sides. It has ever been thus and anyone who says otherwise has something to hide....
  8. two words "Prison Break"
  9. Yup :LOL:
  10. Nothing can excuse such appalling behaviour. The perpetrators are in prison and that is where they should stay for a long time. But I think the last line in your comment is a bit off. You don't see the yanks arbitrarily attacking entire villages with chemical weapons, horribly killing hunderds of men women and children in one hit, for the sake of "weapon testing"!
  11. LOL Educated by CNN?

    The yanks have been killing civillians deliberatly in Iraq and i have the unfortunate experience of watching more than few movies of it.

    AND Go and read the CIA report on that Chemical weapon attack on that Village. According to the CIA at the time the attack was done by Iran - and BTW, what the fcuk has it got to do with anything? Are you tryin to proclaim that the US have not acted innapropriately OR illegally? pfft
  12. No Jimmy, read the forum. HE'S OVER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The comment was made that both sides are as bad as each other. I disagree totally and if you don't like my opinion bad luck. My perception is not solely based on mass media because I'm an active serving member in the Middle East. I work closely with the American military every day. It is an extreme minority that give them a bad name which is why I tried to stand up for them. The people I work with are upstanding, moral, hard-working people who are honestly trying to do the right thing by their country and the Iraqi people.
  14. Carri, get hold of 'Chain of Command' by Seymour Hersch. Puts paid to the so-far successful attempts to claim the new-found US love (with us going along) of torture is 'just a few bad apples'.

    The 'extreme minority' referred to by gegvasco is unfortunately Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney...
  15. Well not since the crew of the Superfortress "Bockscar" flew out of the shock wave anyway... :roll:
  16. exactly. the people in prison are low ranking soldiers, privates. the people that issued the commands to torture, well some got a dishonorable discharge (and that was all!!!) while others are still free and running the show.

    news.com.au had the pictures on their website for a couple of days - don't know if they're still there. they were really graphic, and a LOT worse than what had been released to date.
  17. hhhhhmmmmm interesting that any time the US is mentioned the anti-brigade are out in force, but silent in condemning atrocities elsewhere.....

    blacks murdering blacks all over africa; silence
    muslim extremist murdering christians in Ache: silence
    the old KGB murdering dissedents in the remnants of the USSR: silence

    hypocrites all
  18. actually mate - I talk about the stuff you've mentioned with my mates ALL the time. I just didn't mention it in this thread cause it didn't relate to this thread at all. I could start one about the atrocities in rwanda if you'd like!!
    I know quite a bit about how armies are recruiting 10yr old boys & giving them machine guns, how they;re going out and raping girls 8 & younger.

    Quite frankly I am apalled that the UN hasn;t made these issues bigger & brought them to the attention of the world. And why are we not helping these countries?? we claim we went to iraq to rid them of a vile dictatorship. yet in africa where genocide is being comitted by some military tribes, we don't have a military presence at all.

    please don't call me a hypoctire paul - like I said, this thread was specifically about the torture of iraquis by USA soldiers so that's what I commented on. if there was a thread about the wars in africa or the fact that old KGB operatives are still carrying out their orders then yes I'd comment.
  19. You've not said a word against female genital mutilation. Should we assume you support the practice?
  20. Mike you know me better than that, of course I don't.

    But I AM waiting for one of these Anti-US whiners to find a way to blame America for that too. I'm sure they'll try, after all, everything that's bad in the world is America's fault, isn't it??

    Tash, thanks for your PM and I have responded to it...