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Is anyone on the lookout to buy any riding gear soon?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GoTeam, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Via a Google search, I found that a few Netriders (inc. Seany and Eswen) got together in a group to get some jeans about 6 months ago and got a discount.

    Does anyone intend to get any gear anytime soon? I've got some Draggin Traffic jeans but am looking for a second pair of jeans. Hornee jeans look like they've got more protective lining than Draggins so I'm interested in getting a dark blue pair of them (provided they fit me well). If anyone else is looking, please let me know then we should be able to get a better deal as a group.

  2. Yup I'm interested in 2 or 3 pairs I think. Whatever photo was shown the other day of people 'bending over for the hornee cause' made the pants look good, so I'm interested (in the pants :wink: )
  3. what is the rrp on a pair? mens...
  4. i'm in for that, but id rather it'd be sooner than later... maybe we could go all in at a Peter Stevens or something
  5. I am interested in getting a pair of black draggin... but happy to go for hornee if they have black?
  6. I'm looking to buy quite a few things.
    just paid for a ventura rack
    bought my 6th pair of gloves as well
    going to buy the sidi vertigo boots
    joe rocket speedmaster leather pants
    wouldn't mind buying a 2pc suit
    maybe another helmet, that'll make one for each day of the week :grin: :grin:
    wouldn't mind maybe another pair of jeans I think mine are shrinking...
    wait..I'm just getting bigger.
  7. id be intrested in getting a leather jacket and a pair of draggin jeans abd a pair of boots. ?

    would that be ok ?


  8. Yeappp ill second that!
  9. ---------------
    i'm in for that, but id rather it'd be sooner than later... maybe we could go all in at a Peter Stevens or something

    These are all of the places (got it from the Hornee website) in Vic which sell their jeans.

    - Bikes Plus (www.bikesplus.com.au), Essendon North
    - JR Mowers and Motorcycles, Bairnsdale
    - Moto Heaven (www.motoheaven.com.au), Brighton
    - Race Replica, Brooklyn
    - Sumoto (www.sumoto.com.au), North Melbourne
    - Yamaha City Motorcycles (www.yamahacity.com.au), Melbourne

    If Johnny O can help all of us out then we should consider helping him get off to a good start at PS. PS didn't make the above list though so we might have to twist his arm!

    I can either go this Friday/Saturday (Netrider BBQ is on in the middle of the day on Sat) or not until early next year (6 Jan the earliest). My initial thoughts were to go to Moto Heaven but I'd just as happily go to Sumoto or Yamaha City.

    I am interested in getting a pair of black draggin... but happy to go for hornee if they have black?
    Hornee have black jeans http://www.hornee.com.au/hornee_jeans_products.html. The only black Draggins I've seen are the cargo pants.

    what is the rrp on a pair? mens...
    About $230 is the retail price at most places for Hornee and Draggins.

    250ninjas.... you're going to buy out the store! hahaha

    id be intrested in getting a leather jacket and a pair of draggin jeans and a pair of boots. ?

    would that be ok ?
    Sure thing. I'll get a list together and make sure wherever we go can cater for all of us.

    Random101, so you're in?

    OK folks, please let me know if you can make Saturday, say, 9:30am. I'll call Moto Heaven, Sumoto and Yamaha City on Wednesday afternoon to see if they can cater for 250ninjas. All of them should be fine for the rest of us. I'll see what sort of deal they're prepared to do as well. I'd say 10% should be a 'given'.

    Your size of jeans would be good too in case they're short on stock. Usually a couple of days notice is enough for most places to get it in.
  10. Know its not what you had planned but hornee jeans are selling on www.natli.com.au for $195 - plus $10 delivery charge...

    Worth knowing just incase you cant get a deal as good as $205.00 delivered...

  11. Thanks for that info :). Ntali came up high on the list when I did a search for Hornee jeans last night. I'd say we'll get somewhere around that mark.... my hunch is $207 at worst.
  12. Yeah - and the advantage is that you have them there and then - and dont have to wait for them to be ordered in.. :grin:
  13. I'll be watching this thread! :shock:

    damn...I might be up in sydney by Saturday..
    I guess I might postpone this trip.
    I get 10% off in one of the stores in dandenong
    and the vertigo boots are 450
    if we get 10% elsewhere and its cheaper YEAH!
  14. Sorry to join late, but I'm after some Hornees in a size 34. Saw the Nalti site $205 is pretty good given $240 retail. Called Race Replica they said they hoped to get some in by Thu/Fri and would be around $215. I would think that a group buy should be around $200 as I think that's what the guys got them for at Sumoto last time.

    edit - burnt blue would be my preferred colour :)
  15. JL, no probs.

    Please let me know your size like JL did.... and the colour. Two size 34s so far.....

  16. Everyone gives 10% (some more) if there's at least a few items being purchased. Will I count you in or not?
  17. for saturday?
    where we buying from?
    what time are we going?
    If I do buy the hornee jeans they be size 34 or a little bigger
    cant say I will buy a pair of hornee jeans tho

    reading back on the post...0930 is little early..
    probably best is someone calls just to remind me. ill have my alarm on but still..john 0403005680

    wouldn't mind a back protector too..

    gotta start making a list,
    dear santa/myself, i want....

  18. I'm waiting to hear back from Johnny 0 tomorrow morning but Sumoto is the frontrunner right now. They don't open until 10:30am on Saturday so that'd be the new time.
  19. Hey, I'm interested in Hornee's in size 30.
    They didn't have the color I wanted (black) when I wanted to get it with Eswen and Seany... but I think they might have new colors now and if any's close to black I want it.

    Ta! :]
  20. Grunge, I can't remember now if they said that black will be coming in in the next shipment or if they're no longer being made. If you want to join us on Sat morning, by all means rock up. If I get good news from Johnny O tomorrow morning, P Stevens at Ringwood will be the place. Otherwise, I'm going to Sumoto sometime in the morning to try them on and will get a pair put aside for Sat. I'll ask about size 30 black too (burnt blue is the dark blue colour so will that do?).