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Is anyone near Neerim, Vic 3831 (Gippsland) ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bonkers, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Could you fire me off a PM asap pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I need someone to look at a bike for me :) You don't need to be an expert, I just need to know it isn't falling apart or on its last legs.

    PS: Yes, this post has been posted elsewhere (On Ozcruisers, not on Netrider) - since I'm aware of it, and now so is everyone else, there's no need to point it out :p

  2. This isn't looking good :cry:

    I should add you wont be test riding the bike - just checking it out for signs of damage and whatnot, hearing it start etc.
  3. There's some good roads out that way and I head near there every few weeks. Weather's been absolutely crap lately. Meant to be decent on Wednesday. I could go look for you so long as the weather's fine on the day so that I at least get a fun three hour ride out of it.

    That is, unless, someone who lives closer and is willing answers before then. Neerim's kinda off the beaten track, about 30kms north of the Princes Hwy about 100kms out of Melbourne.
  4. You're a freakin lifesaver Flux! I'm still waiting to hear from a few people if they'll do it, but its not looking promising.
    Are you really three hours away from there? Errrm....

    I'll PM you Tuesday and let you know how desperate I am.... :oops:
  5. Well I'm not that far away, and Flux, yes there are some good roads around there.

    I'll shoot you a PM Bonkers if I'm going up to junction on the weekend
  6. Gah, I really have to bookmark this thread - I had to go looking for it. :grin:

    Cheers Mach. I'll let you know if I get anyone sooner.
  7. "Off the beaten track"???? Bloody townies dont know what that is. Spoken like a true hick :wink: If you havent ridden through Neerim South before youve missed some great riding, and pubs. :grin:
  8. And for all concerned the wonderful yindypink is going to check it out for me so problem solved.

    Its times like these when you realize how valuable netrider is as a resource :grin:
  9. Now you really have to let me know if you buy the bike! Damm it is noisy though, compared to my CBR125, did I mention that it is for sale :wink:
    Glad to be of assistance. :grin:
  10. I'll check later if we can have "for sale" items in our sigs - if we can I'll stick your bike in there. I don't post that often, but every bit of advertising helps :grin:
  11. LOL. Yeah - you got me there. Born and raised in the country. Moved to the city for Uni/work.

    Great roads all around the Neerim's. Longwarry to Neerim South via Jindivick is a total blast. Powelltown to Noojee. Noojee to Icy Creek. Icy Creek to Baw Baw. Heck, even that grotty little sealed road between Noojee and Neerim Junction via Neerim North (Old Fumina Rd) can be fun in good weather. That road would rock on a motard.

    From Neerim South you can take the Nilma, Shady Creek road to Willow Grove, and loop back up through Hill End back to Noojee again.

    A little bumpy in some places, but always fun.
  12. amen to that. some amazing roads out there.
    one of the last rides i didnt before my suspension kicked in was out through most of that, n up BawBaw.

    cant wait to get back on and explore some more :)
    f*ck i love riding :)
  13. Other people seem to have ads in their sigs with no dramas so lets see how this works... :)
  14. What are you looking at Bonkers? Ozcruiser site is down at the moment.
  15. :)

    It doesn't matter now, its been checked out and I'm just waiting for the guy to reply :? I've now got a second guy asking me if I want to buy a similar bike (tad older) and I'm trying hold him off until I hear back from the first guy... And for months I haven't been able to find a bike I liked at all :LOL:

    Glad I'm not the only one that can't get to ozcruisers btw - I was thinking of trying to load the other "Oz" sites buy I don't know wtf they are called? Stunts, Sports, or something like that? I presume OzBoss knows its down and he's fiddling with something?
  16. Thanks for the advertising Bonkers. This could be our lucky week :wink:
  17. You're 31, female, and my wife is out of town until the week end :shock:
    Just how lucky are we talking?

  18. My husband is now home from the US. :grin: So not THAT lucky :oops:
  19. Ive got a guy and possibly another coming to see my bike this weekend. I told you this was lucky :grin: