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Is anyone in the entertainment industry NOT taking prescription pain-killers???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. As sad as Brittany Murphy's death is, it highlights the contradiction that these sorts of people are the richest, most cossetted people on the planet, with access to unlimited solutions to any problems, yet seem to need vast amounts of support for 'pain'. What sorts of pain?? I can understand sportsmen who sustain injuries as a part of their job needing pain medication, but what sort of pain does an actress, or a black/white singer, or a King of Rock and Roll have, that merits the discovery of 'huge amounts of prescription pain-killers' being found in their possession when they die??

  2. Who???????????
  3. Smee is still struggling with the sudden and unexpected death of his idol- Brittany Murphy :( poor Smee

    Being semi famous hurts like a mofo Hornet, didn't you know that?
  4. I'm still searching for the coroners report indicating that the cause of death was anything to do with pain killers, prescription or otherwise? Or are we jumping to conclusions to fit a stereotype?
  5. Err, I dont think pain killers are necessarily about treating pain, theyre a legally obtainable chemical a person can become dependant on.

    BUT the bigger issue is why people in these situations act the way they do. When society puts a spotlight on a person 24/7, and sometimes puts them on a pedestal, they sometimes crack.
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  7. I reckon it was a pretty easy connection to make Paul, given the tone, subject and timing of your post.

    And how do you know anything about her life, her own issues? She could have become addicted to drugs through legitimate reasons for any number of issues that may have required treatment. It happens to film stars, factory workers, IT technicians. An abundance of money does not automatically make someone's life perfect. Isn't that something you preach?
  8. You're trying too hard, mate. Read my post. I simply asked how is that people in the entertainment industry, not factory workers or IT technicians, always seem to have huge quantities of prescription pain-killers in their possession when they die. Is that likely to be said of you, or anyone in your family, or anyone you KNOW, or ever have known???
  9. Overdosing factory workers and IT technicians don't sell gossip magazines and prime time spots quite like Hollywood celebrities.
    I can't think of a reason why non famous people would abuse prescription medication any less than celebrities.
  10. Who gives a flying toss about some Hollywood "actor" a c-grade so called celebrity
    No sane person would give a flying tossbag about her or her life.
  11. No Paul, I think you're the one trying too hard.


    People from ALL walks of life become addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling. It sure helps if you have money to fund your habit and being wealthy means you tend to stay out of the criminal justice system (not having to resort to other crimes to fund your habit). I see no reason why someone with access to money would be any less likely to become addicted to pain killers (or have reason to be any more happy) than any other member of society.

    Given that illicit drug use is not decreasing and that access to so called 'party' drugs is extremely easy and the abuse of them is not limited to actors and actresses, I don't see the point you're making.
  12. Apart from her husband, mother, father and any siblings she may have.
  13. Yes they are entitled to it but why should I or any other pleb give a rats arse, did anyone go gaga when my wife's mother died earlier this month?
    A so called "celebrity" died millions more die of malnutrition war accidents etc yet we focus on the people the least worthy of our respect and hold them up in high regard when they kick the bucket.
    Spare me the fake grief puhleeeease.
  14. If you read the article you yourself linked to Paul, it doesn't say anywhere that a huge amount of prescription painkillers were found, it says prescription drugs.

    I had a clean out of my medicine cabinet a year or so ago and tossed out all number of out of date prescription medications, non-prescription medications, vitamins and empty prescription drug containers. (The article also mentions finding empty containers).

    Go into my father's medicine cabinet and you'll find a slew of prescription medications for various conditions. Neither he nor I are celebrities. It's just another media beat up.

    Yes there are people addicted to pain killers, and she may indeed have been taking a number of things, but what they've described finding in her house could be found in any number of people's houses.
  15. back on the whole drug addiction thing... tbh I think its a combination of easy access (too much moneys, access to doc's who will proscribe anything they ask) / socially accepted in certain circles / probably bored... recipe for drug experimentation/addiction right there!
  16. generally known as pain killers. also you could say that anti-inflammatories and depression pills were pain killers of sorts.

    It might have been a legitimate tragic accident, but this looks a little suspicious...
    ... although I dont understand why she would be using expensive, very closely monitored and mild forms of eph/amphets

    but yes, it could be anyone, not just the high-fliers or nearly famous. I remember going to a friends house and his brother had boxes of panadine forte littered all over his boot. he had no medical need for them.
  17. Most people I know have prescription drugs kicking about. Our old medicine cabinet puts shame to some pharmacies. We just don't have wowser journalists trying to make a story out of us whenever anything happens.

    "OMG. He has panadeine forte. That wouldn't be for post operative pain management from several years ago. He must be trying to kick a heroin habit."

    Friggin 'journalists'. ](*,)
  18. Like cigarettes.
  19. If u ask me, this death reeks of the same stuff as the the late Heath Ledger's Death.
  20. And that's what the magazines want. It help sells their product, which is fair enough, but read the article and dig a little deeper and a 'slew of prescription drugs' becomes several bottles of prescription drugs, prescribed to her, her husband and her mother, all of whom seemed to be sharing the house at the same time. What is a slew? Is it one, three, ten bottles?

    As a couple of others have said, check out my medicine box....we have drugs in their to treat a stomach ailment, some anti-biotics from a really bad cold I had, panadeine which was used to treat the symptoms of the cold, I also have some phanergan used to treat extreme hayfever reactions (which also knocks me out cold, makes my speech lazy and want to sleep all the time). Pop over to Liz's cabinet and she's got her own pharmacy going on as well. My dogs have their own little cabinet too, just as well I don't have horses or gawd knows what people would think!!

    Didn't Heath die from an accidental overdose of prescription medication?