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Is anyone having trouble with the new Work Choices Crap

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Daggz, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Heya all,

    Im a tradesman in the commercial building industry, and my workplace has been totally turned upside down already due to these new laws.

    People getting fired and re hired for less money, and multiple lay offs and just a general lack of work.

    We've got to get out and protest and rally when the unions go out on strike, if you dont fight you loose.

  2. Make sure the media know about it too - even if it's just a letter to the newspapers. Wars - for the want of a better word - are usually won by those who are willing to fight them for a long time.
    What sux about the whole deal is that it took years for the laws to finally get thru - it's possibly going to take a long time to change things again. There's an election next year - doesn't help the here and now but many people are worried and have a good reason to be. Good luck!
  3. Good! Trade unionism has been allowed to get too greedy in this country, and it's about time a political party had the balls to stand-up and say enough is enough. A good balance between protection and open trade is what these new laws bring in - of course a rightful adjustment will occur to bring back a lot of over-gouged trade union greed back to where the open market knows it's worth!
  4. My friend was fired the day after the reforms came in. (She had worked for the same company for 15 years.) The next day they rang her and offered her job back to her at nearly half the rate of pay and no penalty rates or travel allowance (she would travel in excess of 750km per week).

    They have gone from one extreme to the other. A balance that works for both employer and employees needs to be achieved, although now that the reforms have been introduced I don't think we will see much change.
  5. Its not just the trade unionists, this will effect every australian within the next 6 years.

    Do you think that coz my pay rates will drop that yours will stay the same??

    Do you think that if we all earn less fuel will be cheaper??

    Do you think that your mortgage will be less if you earn less??

    End of the day if you dont strike and fight for your rights, you cant complain that you dont have rights in the end.

    Everyone will loose money and conditions, right up to the highest flying office staff.

    You can now be fired without reason, and hey i got fired with the rest of the company, because they can hire other people for less money and offered my job back as a contractor for less money then i was previously on.

    ITs not just the tradesmen, EVERYONE will feel this its just a matter of time
  6. as with everything this gumbiment has initiated the rich get richer and the poor get shat on. like how peter costello wanted to make some tax cuts...."to the highest marginal tax rate" :evil: you can rave about open trade and greedy trade unions all you like, but what it's really doing is putting the lower end of the wage earning spectrum in an even deeper hole and giving the rich their asses on a platter. so your employer can pay you less and earn more themselves.

    :blah: :blah: :furious: :tantrum:
  7. Give it a year and all us working class folk will be homeless.

    This is a USA based model, where the average "unskilled" worker will be lucky to get about $6 and hour for work.

    And sad to say but us tradesman are seen as "unskilled" by the government.

    Anyone without a uni degree will struggle now, and give it 6 years and every single person in this country will be suffering.

  8. Yup, we'll be competitive with the world marketplace once again.

    Mine just increased 20% a couple of weeks back. I

    Not cheaper, but not increasing un-necessarily due to over greedy trade unionism.

    Mortages are not set from labour prices.

    End of the day, you participate/allow greed in the workplace then eventually a correction will come. This is that correction. Think of it as the natural and non-unionism marketplace striking and fighting back for their rights against a greedy trade unionism movement. Trade unionism won some battles, and will win a few more, but has lost the war - they just got too greedy.

    Nope .. just got a 20% increase a couple of weeks back. Only those that got pay or conditions through greedy trade unionism, directly or indirectly, will be impacted by the open market correction in labour value.

    No you can't.

    And if you think what you get offerred is less than what the market (and not the trade union) says your worth, then you should be able to find another job reasonably easy at the real (read: market) value of your skills.

    Nope, as a majority only those in labour unionsim fields. A few unscrupulous businesses will attempt to use the new laws poorly, but the open market will ensure that if you offer peanuts you will only get monkeys.
  9. What complete and utter codswallop , anyones got they're snouts well and truly in the trough are a) the ones that put in these new laws, b) the CEO's of large corporations that wanted them.. Totally screw a company into bankruptcy and get a multi Million $ payout for a job well done yeah right.
  10. Zzzzz .. compare a large proportion of the workforce with a small extreme left 0.01% minority - that's the codswallop!
  11. so what i'm seeing here is that it's ok to pay anyone regarded as unskilled by the government peanuts because theyre all likely to be retarded and dont need to be paid that much anyway. so they don't need any money to eat cause the work they do isnt worth it? i think what needs to be remembered here is that these "people" are humans too and deserve the same quality of life as the next person. just because their job is "unskilled" doesnt mean the work they do is worth nothing and should be paid accordingly. :?
  12. Hahaha ... I know-of, and have a few friends, who wen't to trade school instead of tertiary - they have, and continue, to get paid more than I. They're a very large number of trades-people who's training and incomes certainly don't qualify them as "unskilled" or poor.
  13. All workers are covered by minimum wage, as has always been the case. Minimum wage has not been scrapped or lowered.
  14. Is it as small as you say , sure in numbers of participants yes, now try the $ end of the comparison.
    How many kids could Mcdonalds hire over a year for 1 $20 million payout,.
    And the market can be manipulated has as been the case many a times, sure it will adjust itself eventually in time, but at what cost to those poor buggars caught in the middle.

    Just take a real look at american societey which is as close as you get to a free market economy.
  15. To do what .. build restaurants on every corner and sell Big Mac's for 80c?

    Someone always gets caught and at-a-cost. If trade unionism hadn't been greedy, and far more reasonable and staying in-line with the rest of the workforce, then a correction probably wouldn't have been necessary. The angst shoudl be taken out on the greedy trade unionist movement that has run rampant in this country for too many years.

    Fortunately Australia doesn't follow that model exactly and has many difference to ensure a level of relevant and non-greedy protectionism and minimum wage still applies.
  16. Whilst I oppose the laws strongly, I'm one of the few who would stand to benefit from them were I to take advantage of them. There is no question that the laws are designed primarily to fcuk over ther poor in order to benefit the rich. It's always been the policy of the Liberal government and no-one tried to hide it.

    Still, this is a Democracy. At the last election the majority of the population spoke very clearly with their pencils, stating that this is what they wanted. Who am I to fight against the will and desire of the Australian public?

    I didn't vote for it and I'm sure others didn't. Undoubtedly, some who didn't vote for it will suffer and I feel for them, but at least many of those who did will get what they deserve.
  17. true but the benefits and legislation that made the minimum wage acceptable have gone. so you can get paid SFA every day of the year instead of having to pay extra for public holidays etc. if they raised the minimum wage to an acceptable level then brought them in i don't think anyone would be complaining :wink:
  18. Why not , it's more jobs

    And you still only blame the one side for the problems, greedy CEO's, shareholders are just as bad as greedy unions.

    Why don't their contracts come under the same scrutiny as the guy on the workshop floor that earns $15 an hour.
  19. No they haven't. They majority of workers that received loading enttitlements still do. The small minority that don't, arguably were entitled to them in the first place.

    As per above ... the majority of workers that received loading enttitlements still do.

    Many countries and un-employed woudl love to earn minimum $12.75 an hour.
  20. You also know that the best CEO's don't become CEO's of Australian companies? They go overseas where they get paid more.

    While CEO's get paid a frigging fortune, how many of the people here are willing to work a 80-100 hour week? How many are willing to take the responsibility if they make a mistake it can destroy a company and put a couple of thousand people out of work?

    Not all CEO's are dicks.

    Mate of mine's CEO just negotiated 12 months redundancy pay for employers of 2 years service, and more for rest, as part of it's companies buyout from another.