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Is anyone excited about Fischer?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MV, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. I am, basically an SV650 with up spec suspension & brakes & full fairing, looks pretty good for the money... Parts from Brembo, Ohlins, Woodcraft etc.


    I like the styling, don't know how comfortable they will be to ride though, the tank looks very weird...

    I won't be an early adopter, but I will be keeping an eye on them!

  2. Checked them out at the motorcycle show last year, mate they look cheap and nasty!
  3. Not sure where the SV connection comes from, It's a original bike with a Hyosung 650 in it... In standard spec it has a lot of Hyosung parts, the Brembos etc are extras...

    Just had another look and it would appear that they are only selling the up market one here so the Brembos are standard, but if I remember correctly they still have the Hyo Front forks...
  4. Er...I thought I read that in there, maybe I made it up...? The Hyo engines are different to the SV?

    Edit: here it is
    Generally? Fit & finish or paint.. or just generally dodgy?
  5. Yep engines are different, Just had a closer look at that one and definitely Hyo wheels, forks rear brake, and foot pegs...

    And a link to them getting put together

  6. all of the above and don't quote me on this but even the brembos are at the lower end of the brembo range.

    I understand they are a new company and probably don't have the funding that some of the jap/euro companies do, but finish wise they look cheap, also I'm not sure if the hyo donk will help their cause.

    just my 2cents.
  7. Edit: here it is
    The V-Twin motor (Hyosung/Suzuki 650) likes to rev and has good torque from low down making the twisties an amazing amount of fun.

    Talk about truth in advertising. It's a hyo engine and they aren't the same...
  8. As I understand it Hyosung used to make the 650 and 1000 for Suzuki. Suzuki now does it in house. The Hyosung engine is a copy of that. Good design, but with questionable execution.

    The other con is they are American. Their quality standards sit somewhere between Japan and China. So probably about the same as Korea.
  9. Nope Hyo never manufactured the SV engine for Suzuki, they wanted to license it and when Suzuki said no they made there own, It's very similar but not the same.

    On SV downunder there's a tear down of both where you can see the differences...
  10. good to know
  11. Ok, so the engine might be a sticking point, given the amount of Hyo horror stories we have heard!
    Slightly off topic, but how similar are the Hyo engine to the SV in terms of engine mounting brackets? (are the 650 & 1000 SV mounts the same?)

    Fischer SV1000, anyone?
  12. I could imagine cylinder and head height are the big problem. Clearing th radiator, working in the air box, petrol tank, chassis clearance.

    I'm guessing it would be a massive undertaking.
  13. Why not just get an SV1000...

    + there's also a big pile of other hyo component there to get rid of...
  14. Just musing mainly, but uprated suspension & brakes & full fairing over the SV... If indeed the "uprated " components are any better.

    Just a thought.
  15. yep, me and vic where giving it to the bloke at syd motorcycle show last year, thing is rough as guts in workmanship with a hyosung engine

    no thanks
  16. It's got a Ohlins rear shock with the Hyo/CBR125 rear brake, and pair of after market Brembos bolted on to Hyo Front Forks.

    If I remember rightly the Genuine Lowers are only about $500US
  17. Give them a chance - competition is a good thing - it brings in fresh ideas and perspectives
  18. By the time you mod the chassis, go through all the government paperwork, engineering checks, ect, you could have got yourself the SV1000 and have a bit to spare. Waste of time, money and a SV donk.
  19. What isn't clear is if they've since fallen over. This one is the bike supposedly used for ADR compliancing, but why is it supposedly so collectable if they've going to be selling them here.

    Too much of a lucky dip for all sorts of reasons as a bike to ride on the road, but if they're done and dusted it actually would be a decent collector's bike to some degree.

    That's a drawing a long bow to suggest the link between the SV and Hyo motor, even though there is some shared history.

    For a bike to ride on the road I'd just as soon pick up something else.
  20. Hmmm. Unregistered one-off, with Hyo engine and built in a backyard. For $11,500. And "reasonably expected to become collectible". Tell 'em they're dreamin'.