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Is anyone else rolling on a GSR 600?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TaeTao, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. this thread is interesting
    edit: this isn't the op, it was empty and now i look like a dick =[
  2. :-s ...

    Oh well...
    What do you ride?
  3. I was very close to buying a GSR 600, when I say close I mean had all the money in cash, the guy had the papers, Ive taken half the day off to pick it up...........................this was until I found out that the damn thing was a repairable write off. Needless to say I was absolutely gutted, Ive been looking at the bike for a couple of days and didnt sleep the night before because of new bike thoughts.

    I found that it was a repairable writeoff 1h and 15mins before purchase.
  4. Ohh-hoh-hohhhh brroooooo... that's devastating!
    I know what you mean about the new bike thoughts/dreams... I had them bad the night before I bought my GSR. I guess I had the advantage of knowing it was brand spankin' from a dealer though :\
    ...such a sad story, they're a nice ride :(

    What did you end up with...? Hopefully something as nice, or nicer... ;)
  5. haha no offence meant mate, was just poking fun at the empty thread.
    i opened it up expecting a lovely post about a gsr600, and found it empty and was confused =]
  6. so was i LOL
  7. Nothing, im gonna end up getting my 300zx spruced up and back on the road, and the rest to the home loan..............boring i know lol.

    Ill revisit the GSR by the end of the year :)...................or an RGV250 or an R6 lol..............
  8. Righto... Well here goes.

    (Patience while i put one together haha)
  9. Once upon a time...
    In a land probably relatively close to where you blokes live, there was a very lucky boy who was about to become a man.

    Several days before his birthday his father took him aside for a chat and told him...
    "Son, you are nearly twenty one years of age, and in my eyes, a man.
    My mother, your granny [RIP Pamela] has left in your name, a sizable amount of gold of which you will receive on your day of birth."
    The boy's ear's suddenly perked up at the thought of this notion, and his eyes dilated and foam started c...


    "With great wealth," the father continued "comes great responsibility. I expect you to invest this gold wisely.
    You must think... and also contemplate... even... brood... over what you will do with this weight that will soon be on your shoulders."
    The father then gave the boy a hearty smack on the back and left him, alone...
    ...to brood.

    The days passed by slowly and the boy continued doing boyish activities, such as eating, sleeping, and riding his beloved steed 'Vetarrtwefty'.
    Very little-to-no contemplation occurred, or thinking for that matter. Let alone brooding.

    As was inevitable, the day of growth into manhood came, and the boy's father rode his steed 'Doocteh-gehteh-Spootsklahseeque' over to congratulate him and ask him about his decision.

    "JASSARR!" The young man yelled with a manic smile on his face. His eyes were wide with excitement.
    "What are you on about son?! You're making nonsense!" The father said in shock, slightly backing off cautiously.
    "JASSSAARRR AQUAAAAA! JASSAAARRRRRRR! JASAAR AQUAAAAA!!" The young man kept yelling, running around and doing commando rolls and getting back up and laughing, eyes wide open the whole time.
    "Calm down boy! You're making nonsense!" The father roared furiously, getting irritated.

    The young man suddenly stopped and pointed off into the distance, and without taking his crazed eyes off his father, whispered...

    "g... s... r..."

    The father looked to where his son was pointing, and laughed.
    "By George son!" he exclaimed, "You've gone and bought a new steed! AND gone to the local swamp! You silly twat!"


    Yeeeeaaaaaaah.... don't ask. 8-[
  10. true story btw
  11. omg im going to have to leave netrider now -.-
  12. i also have the GSR600... and absoloutly love it... great on my own great with the missus on the back and love shocking the full on sports bikes when you sit on their tale through the windies... just about to get an exhaust for her and some new tyres... she is my baby and will have her for ever... and just add to my colection lol
  13. Thanks for the great prose my dear chap.
    Enjoy the fruits of your inheritance and may all your roads be twisty.
    Welcome to NR, don't worry you've got a while to embarrass yourself here mate.

  14. Getting mine tomorrow, CANT WAIT, I have read many articles and reviews on this bike and it seems like quite the treat to have,
    Any advise from you guys maybe ?
  15. Just picked up one of these for a runabout! Great little bike! Need to find a nice exhaust for it now though!
  16. Zombies... Congrats on the bike
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  17. I love a good zombie thread - can't wait for the apocalypse, hope it happens soon!