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Is an open faced helmet a stupid idea?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. I've been researching for weeks about different types of helmet. I get my L's in 3 weeks but am an experienced motorbike rider. (dirt/trail)

    I would prefer an open faced helmet because I'll be riding a cruiser on short local, weekend trips - wind in the face and all that!

    Will also get a full face for longer trips, but not sure whether the comfort of an open face helmet is worth the possible dangers for local driving.

    Any thoughts or website links would be great.

  2. My main thought is that you can't go anywhere without goggles/sunnies on. Bugs, insects, rocks, dust, wind, etc. can be a big problem above 80ish. Not worth risking blindness by riding around 24/7 with no eye protection.
  3. It's your head, put a price on it and buy the appropriate helmet!!
    I have an open face one, as i think i'm full of sh1t!!!

    Open face is much noisier, colder, wetter than the full one. If you will be doing mostly hwy and ride on the rain etc, get a full face.

    I do all the above, but i still wear an open face, so i wear earplugs, drink the rain and as i was born on an iceberg, i don't care about the cold.

    Go try them both, it was so hard to get a helmet for my head :roll: that when i found the perfect fit, i didn't care if it was open or closed!!

    I believe in footwear. If you are short changed, get a cheap helmet, but buy boots, trousers, jacket..
  4. cover your eyes.. sh!t comes out of no where and it makes a taping sound on the helmet and you feel it no matter how small the thing is if you are going at any decent speed.. definitely cover your eyes!
  5. Eyes for starters. Bugs, stones, dust... even a bat (the winged variety). If something can hit you in eyes it will.

    I don't find the noise/wind/rain thing to be a big deal (I use an MX helmet which is pretty much open face for these purposes).

    BUT, the idea of smashing my unprotected face into the tarmac doesnt do it for me. I think you need a chin guard.
  6. Might be worth having a look at a (decent) flip-face helmet like a Nolan N102 - that way you've got protection at high speeds but still have the option of riding open-faced at lower speeds.
  7. have a look on the internet for a photo i think its called i rather be riding my harley or something. shows you what happens but seriously full face or flip up, you have one head, put as much between that and the road!:p

    have you seen wild hogs. watch that and that should give you your answer. " YOU NEED A BIKE AND YOU NEED THE ROAD"!!!
  9. I enjoy open face helmets but I restrict their use to low speed zones because the buffeting and bugs are a pain at 110 kph (well I find them a pain anyway).

    They seriously don't offer as much protection as a full face helmet so one needs to adjust ones style and type of riding to suit IMHO.

    But yes, they can enhance the feeling of riding in some situations :)
  10. Get whatever you dig. Open face riding is great... I've got a flip face N102E Nolan 'coz I like to go fast too, and above 100kmh it can get a bit uncomfortable - but there's no shortage of cruiser riders out there doin' it open face style.

    ...And then there's the Chairman, who wears an open face brain bucket and a set of goggles that just never seem to come down off the top of his lid. I've seen him hammer along at 160 without his goggles on, and his eyes weren't even watering. He must be some kind of super bad-arse.
  11. aVsbRhJ.

  12. I'd go full-face all the way.

    Had a slip and slide face-first on a downhill bit of suburban road going only about 30km/h or so.
    The full face helmet kept my face off the road. It would've been pretty crap if I was wearing a helmet of the open-face variety!
  13. Depends how much you like your face
  14.  Top
  15. In high school we went and did this Honda driving course. A bloke in a wheelchair gave us a talk. He had super triple tetroplegia or something, all from wearing an open face - going around 20-30k's on his dirtbike he hit a stump, went arse over bollocks and smacked his chin on the dirt. He said it would have looked pathetic, and if he had a full face he would have been fine.

    He then recommended we all ride motorcycles, but wear the proper gear. Good bloke actually.
  16. ROFL!!! what a goose.

    After riding at 100km/hr with a full face helmet...I am happy to say I got a full face helmet. Bugs and rocks hitting the helmet at those speeds tend to leave marks (rocks) or nice splats around the helmet. Wouldn't want those on your face.

    phong =P~
  17. I like my face... attached to my skull.


    so if your a gambling man get the open face helmet BUT 45.3% of crashes are going to involve kissing some asphalt.

    Toss a Coin... do you feel lucky ... well do ya :D
  18. Don't know many open face riders that don't also carry a full face on their crusier, rain and bugs (especially inland qld) are a pain in the neck.

    Get the best helmet you can afford. Not to offend anyone, but I would rather squid it with a good helmet than leathers and a cheap ebay helmet.
  19. Disclaimer: This is not a safety Nazi question, just curiosity, so keep the flaming out of it.

    If such a huge number of crashes involve scraping one's face down the road, how is it that open face helmets pass Australian safety standards? I'm mean, how can a helmet that clearly doesn't protect one's head from impacting on the road be acceptable?