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Is adrenaline contagious?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, May 31, 2008.

  1. I know adrenalin is addictive, and I also know you can only have so much of it over a prolonged period of time before the house of cards comes tumbling down.

    But the other day I read an article by an Obstetrician who said he doesn't believe it's a good idea for Fathers to attend the birth of their children because adrenaline is contagious. I'm guessing he must of observed the phenomena to make the statement, however I haven't been able to come up with any examples for myself.

    I know excitement is contagious and believe they are closely linked, and I get a kick out of watching someone else hyped with adrenalin, but I've never gotten a buzz off them. For that I go and get my own.
    Interested in other people's thoughts on the matter.
  2. I know what colour adrenalin is. It's brown.
  3. Really? I don't remember it having any colour, though it's been a few years now I might be wrong.
  4. Strange how it smells so bad considering the kick one gets from it huh :)
  5. last time i found adrenalin, it took the cont ages to get out of my system.
  6. Sorry osifer, it was the adrenalin!
  7. So we know what colour it is, what it smells like, and we need to keep it away from Joel...

    ...but is it contagious? (not joel - the adrenaline) :-s
  8. :rofl: :rofl:
  9. I believe it is for herd or social animals like ourselves. Survival response, to get the group moving or alert when danger threatens. Works like Pheromones. Adrenaline was originally part of the flight or fight response.

    One person gets hyped on adrenaline, gives off a smell, which may be smelly but also produces a reaction in those around them.

    Sorry. No references for you Chef. :)
  10. Maybe you're right. I just can't recall a time when when someone else's buzz triggered a response in me. But maybe that's because i was having my own at the time.
  11. I don't understand why it would be bad to be contagious??

    I don't know if it is or not, but why would it be a bad thing?
  12. This is one of the strangest topics yet...
  13. You really need to rent "Crank"

  14. G'day Steve.
    I guess it could be argued that it is contagious mate?...I mean...you see someone do something dangerous, nearly get creamed, but somehow make it, you as the observer can become adrenalized by the event. Someone standing beside you sees you bugg-eyed and pumped up, and they themselves react to THAT, become somewhat adrenalized themselves?
    Is that kinda what you meant?

  15. One scenario I can envisage is the ol' "Mob Mentality"...where a mob feeding off each other can become somewhat "crazed", and go into a feeding frenzy...I think adrenalin would have something to do with that, or at least is involved in the process.

  16. I actually find if I am with people who are on an adrenalin high when I am not I get nervous but not the rush. Almost like I can feel I should be arced up, but can’t muster it.
  17. Yeah. I've just thought of a scenario where you're at the races, and part of the crowd sees an incident and reacts, sending a buzz through the rest of the crowd who never saw it. So I'm seeing that it can be.

    This is what i was using as a point of reference to begin with. Of the situations i can recall, I don't remember experiencing any effect. But i also can't recall any times i was flatlining and someone else was amped.

    It's possible to have too much adrenaline running through your veins. I've seen a couple of situations where someone has survived a Hail Mary, only to go and prang up the road. Too much at once can effect stimulus processing and decision making.
    You see the same thing happen in racing from time to time. It was interesting to see them talk about heart rates in the Faster doco. Where they were monitoring Rossi's heart rate and he had a big moment, but it hardly registered a blip. I've also heard they say the same thing about Schumacher. Ice cold when it counts.

    I think the guys that have a lot of experience with it, get good at monitoring it and keeping it in check. regulating the breathing is a big key. If it is contagious and can spread through a group, then what happens when you mix the experienced with the inexperienced?

    Is this why we seek out group rides with like minded people. Because we're getting a buzz off each other as well as our own?

    You ride a Hyosung, you can be excused. :wink:

    Don't know if it will be the same thing, but I'll give it a go. Cheers

    I think that just about confirms it FL. Getting nervous releases adrenaline. So maybe the Doc's got it right.
  18. Yeah but when you aren’t revved up and burning it then it goes stale in your system and you just get muscle aches and feel like chundering.
  19. I think so, mate. Sometimes it can be a good thing - maybe when the riders involved are fairly mature and experienced, because they are capable of keeping themselves relatively in check, regardless of what's going on around them. They know their own limitations, but are encouraged by their peers.
    And then possibly a bad thing if the testosterone levels are ramping up with the adrenaline levels and it's a younger less experienced group, perhaps with ego and pride involved...That kind of scenario is a dangerous mix.

    That's my general feel of things, and does'nt really take skill level into account, mate.

  20. Interesting, I think it may be addictive... for some reason I cry at funerals, not because im sad, but sad for the loss of people around me, most funerals I have been to ive only been friends of a friend of the family, so wasn't really close or anything, but I think that would make it contagious.... also at weddings also... people are all happy because of the events that they are sharing.

    About adrenalin being contageous, maybe if we all did skydiving at the same time, perhaps, but each would feel their own levels of adrenalin kick in, heck i know I will probably experience fear....