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Is a temp guage meant to act like this?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by chokpa, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've noticed my temp gauge rarely deviates from the low temp range unless im doing slow riding with high revs. Otherwise during a normal (winter) ride it'll never deviate much from the bottom of the dial. Unless i'm slow riding it'll never get close to the middle of the dial

    I've always chalked this off as normal cos of all the cold air coming through it during a ride, but now i'm having second thoughts. This is my first bike, so i'm not sure I know any better

  2. Generally not, it could be a sign of stuck thermostat or if it is a bike with electric cooling fans being stuck on. What kind of bike is it?
  3. '04 VTR250

    Hmm, food for thought
  4. Ok, So it does have electric cooling fans then. Can you hear them running when you switch the key to run but not crank?
  5. To be honest I've never noticed. Unless they're silent I've never heard anything when I turn the key to On
  6. You wouldn't hear thermos running if the gauge is reading near minimum.

    Some temp gauges seem to show the temp on the way out of the motor, and some on the way in, and where the sensor is located doesn't always give a good indication of this. Some seem to read hot and sit in the middle, but many read cool and don't show any temp much unless the damn thing's about to blow up. Figuring out which you have, not too hard.

    OP - Yours sounds quite normal to me for this time of year. Just remember when summer comes around that it seems to be a low reader, so if it starts showing you almost full and the thermo fan is whirring away all the time, stop and check.

    My 14 tended to run pretty hot in summer, but now in winter it reads more like yours. I'll be watching with interest what it does as christmas comes around.
  7. I also have an 04 VTR250 and it does the same thing. The thermo fan doesn't come on until the gauge is at least over half way (say riding and then stop at lights when outside temp is 30+). The radiator is oversized for that engine so it tends to run coolish.

    In winter riding, the gauge doesn't really move off cold unless I stop straight after coming off the highway.
  8. okay that's comforting to know.

    @wokwon: How do you know if your engine has warmed up in the morning? Or do you just leave it on with choke for a bit and leave at x minutes/
  9. The 14 will start to cook if you can't keep about 40Kph or more for long periods in summer.
    To the OP leave it idling and see what the gauge reads when the thermo kicks in, wherever that is is about the middle of it's optimum temp range (2/3 of the way to hot is about normal for most things).
  10. I idle for a minute, that's all it seems to need. When it will rev up with a snap of the throttle (choke off) without bogging down it's ready to go. Mine doesn't do anything but idle with any amount of choke. I definitely cannot ride it with the choke on.
  11. sorta confused by your terminology there

    isn't it only going to die when the throttle is off?

    I can easily ride with the choke on, I have more issues with the choke off. It'll just whimper and die
  12. Cold engine: Idles fine with choke on, dies or coughs if revved. Eventually it warms enough to gently back the choke off all the way (1 - 2 mins after starting) after which I give it a few revs to make sure it's not going to cough and then I ride.

    Warm engine: Choke raises idle but cannot be revved without coughing.
  13. Depends on your tune.

    If the bike is running rich then it may often start happily without choke and more choke may cause it to sputter and die. And some throttle may be good as it allows some more air.

    If a bike is running lean the reverse is true. It will probably need a lot of choke to start and any throttle may cause insufficient fuel and the motor stops.
  14. My DR650 is a good girl and will often start and not die with no choke at all. Lately due to cold whether this hasn't been the case.
    Usually it'll start with the choke only pulled in about halfway and keep idling, I wait till it smoothens out, then starts missing until I turn the choke off completely, usually only take about a minute.
    I envision the starting to be even easier when I get my jet kit in, and even better with the better carby on.
    It hasn't been started for quite a while now, so it'll probably want full choke to start.
    Doesn't have a temp gauge.
  15. I guess it is a matter of knowing my bike better. Using maximum choke won't mean that it starts better than 50% choke. I'm a bit paranoid that i'll fiddle too much and the battery will go flat
  16. That can happen, yeah. But it's a VT250. How hard can it be to push start?


    That's something. I never thought of this but I guess on a forum with lots of newbies, there'd be people who've never had to push start a bike... I think I'll go start a fresh thread.
  17. If it is a new bike I would start with following the manafacturer's suggestion and then play around with that if it doesn't work.

    if it is a second hand bike I would ask the previous owner what worked best for him/her.