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Is a tank camera mount legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by NedKellyAUS, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. I was thinking about getting a tank camera mount. I was wondering whether it is legal to have.

    If it is illegal, what would the cops do about it?
  2. Not illegal
  3. Not illegal as far as I know. I've been pulled over while using the tank mounted camera, and all the cop did was ask questions about it and mention he'd like to try it and see the footage, and that he wishes they had one :)
  4. I have 1, and had it on the great ocean rd today. Footage is awesome, even with cheap camera. Just remember to edit the speedo before mothers and wives see the footage. ummm, of course thats the speed limit mum. I ummm sped up the tape......
  5. The instructors at many of the track/cornering tuition days that i have been to have one of these thingies - tres cool. Are they generally available from bike shops or is it more of an on-line, ebay purchase?
  6. yes i ordered it will be here tomorrow.

    looking forward to it.
  7. I have the bracket for mounting a camera, definately not illegal but am unsure which is the best camera to use for this type of filming. I have tried a Sony DVD camera which works fine at very low speeds (under 60) but then cuts out when speeds go up. I am not sure if it because of vibration or something else because you can shake the camera around in your hand when filming and it still records ok. Also tried a JVC hard disc camera which wouldn't even record for more than a couple of seconds and once cut out when the ignition was turned on, bike not even running, maybe electronic interference from e.f.i. or ecu?
    Has anyone used these type of cameras on a tank bracket or is a mini dv the best for this filming.
    Ridgey, what camera do you use?
    Any help with this would be great[/quote]
  8. i just got a camera and i was told that the dvd & HD cameras would not work because of the vibration so i got a DV tape works great and and plug into my dvd recorder and copy straight to dvd or and put on the computer and edit the footage and able to copy to the dvd recorder.

    i only just got the mount and have only gone around the block but work great popped 2 wheelies and work good and went over 100 kph and worked great.

    i will be going for a good ride on the weekend with it should good.
  9. ouch water boy u need one thats either records on good old fashoined tape or onto flash memory (ie like Memory cards SD,DUO,Compact flash ect)

    In HDD cameras there are disks that spin and things that touch them to record/write u dont want vibration, Same goes for straight to dvd disks camaras (except they dont touch but must be exact and constat distance to read write)

    Or mount the damm lense up the front and have the recording unit in ur back pack
  10. I use the bottom of the range samsung mini dv.
    It cost less than $400.
    Records to tiny little tapes. model number is vp-d361i.
    I can definatly recomend it, but it does not take memory cards. I think the next model up uses both tapes and cards. That would probly be handy, as they have no moving parts to worry about, and I have a card reader in computer, the 1 i have only has a firewire connection. It came with all the necessary sortware to edit and shrink videos, however i did need to purchace a firewire pci card and cable seperatly. (approx $25)
    The tapes are very cheep, only about $5 for an hour, as opposed to s.d cards, which are still insanely expensive.
  11. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated :)
  12. Yeah, need to use a tape camera, or something with solid-state storage. DV tapes will given better quality than DVD or HDD cameras anyway. ;)
  13. yes the footage i have taken so far has been great.
  14. I've fixed one to the tank ring of both of my bikes using a RAM mount attached to a home made alloy base. The RAM mount gives very quick angle changes if required and can be adjusted on the run.

    A DV camcorder with AV input is a bonus as you can then add a bullet cam for other angles e.g. rear-facing, handlebars or down low off the side fairing.

    Of course the bullet cam can also be fitted to the RAM mount, which I had to do on the MT-01 due to the high vibrations from the big v twin
  15. Where did you get the tank mount from and also the bullet cam,
    I already have a DV cam,
  16. I am ordering one of these as the tank mount doesn't fit my fuel cap.
    This site has some great ideas.