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Is a repaired tyre roadworthy?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by schmuppet, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Looking to sell my GS500 soon but I've been riding around with a back tyre that has been (professionally) repaired after a puncture. Anyone know if this tyre will pass a roadworthy in Victoria or do I need a new one?

  2. I gather you mean puncture repair. Depending on the kind of damage the tyre received will depend on if it can remain in use. It should be fine I think as it is unlikely to be required to do any high speed work and the professionals who repaired it would have recommended replacement, and should have refused the repair if they considered it too far gone to be used.
  3. It's fine. If it's been repaired properly and the tread is still above the wear indicators then there is no problem.
  4. Some of the roadworthy centres are getting pretty fussy, so even if its starting to get a flat top they will not pass it.
    Its getting to a point like with cars and windscreens, they will not pass it with the old screen in most cases.
  5. Which leads me to my next question, can anyone recommend a place in the Melbourne CBD or western suburbs to get a roadworthy done?
  6. Give me a few minutes, Im coming up with a name (in the western subs)
  7. Cheers, will return the favour when I need tyres!
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  8. When I bought the StripleR as an ex demo, I questioned why the rear tyre had been changed. I was told it had been puncture repaired iirc twice and got another puncture and a third repair is not road worthy.
  9. Well, I suppose it was less likely to put you off handing over the cash than admitting that the staff had been doing burnouts on it :D.
  10. What do I care with two years of warranty and road side assistance (y)
    Ah yes, he advantage of buying brand new bikes and cars.
  11. Do we get roadside assistance with our trumpies?
  12. We did when we purchased it from PS Ringwood. It's RACV roadside assistance, just got the card in the mail.
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