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Is a pushbike more dangerous than a motorbike in traffic?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Sometimes I ride my pushhbike to work and my wife didn't really have a problem with it. But now I'm getting a motorbike she is a little concerned if I ride it to work, which I think it fair enough. (Work to home is 4km - 5 min ride)

    Though I think I was probably at more danger on a pushbike with a bike helmet, and no acceleration and everybody trying to pass than I would be on a motorbike with all the gear and no cars sharing my lane.

    Any thoughts or stories?
  2. It's less fun...
  3. That's the reason I got a motorcycle. Used to commute by bicycle but got sick of all the cars that were fully aware of the fact I was there - but would still choose to drive straight out in front of me at roundabouts/intersections or cut across in front to grab a parking spot :mad: . At least with a motorcycle you generally only have to worry about the ones that haven't seen you (and it's much easier to catch the drivers that require "educating" :twisted:).
  4. definitely. and more tired
  5. I agree that on a motorbike you
    A) have more protective gear
    8) Have better Acceleration, breaks and Tires
    C) Have Bigger Better Lights
    D) Are able to travel at thesame speed as the traffic making your destiny somewhat your own, and not just leaving it in teh hands of those catching up and passing you.
  6. When I sued to ride my bike to work, sometimes people would deliberatly cut me off when sitting still in traffic so I couldn't get past.

    I think people in cars generally get upset that someone on a bike or motorbike is getting to their destination faster.
  7. Yes.

    Even LESS respect. :(
  8. Pushbike is schlong.

    I actually bought a pushy and was going to use it as my primary transport until I kept hearing the stories of death from riding in traffic.

    Hence, I bought a motorbike being a far safer option and have never looked back. Sold my pushy 2 weeks ago with funds going towards my next moto. :LOL:
  9. I feel safe and comfortable riding my motorbike but would be much too scared to ride a pushbike in traffic: the combination of less protection and being slower than the traffic is not good at all.
  10. and leather > lycra
  11. I can't remember teh exact numbers involved, but the TAC used some interesting statistics (Which they butchered) for there wipe off 5 campeign.

    basicly it was that for every 5kph slower you went your chances of an incident decreased by a bazillion percent or something along those lines.

    What they failed to mention was that this was every 5 kph slower you went when traveling faster than the traffic around you.

    As such it breaks down that the chances of an incident increase exponentially the further the discrepency between you and the traffic around you increases.

    As such with a pushy traveling at anything up to half the speed of the traffic around it (Give or take a bit) it does have a far greater risk of being involved in an incident.

    Now obviosly there are one or two minor issues with my numbers there, but i hope you can see the logic of the argument.
  12. i can't remember seeing it in the 'transformers' film but given the quote below a scooter will save your life, guaranteed!

  13. Though I'm sure I read somewhere that UK stats show that scooters/mopeds are actually the most dangerous form of transport in cities - due to the very fact they're trying to weave in and out of traffic (especially since large white vans are usually trying to do the same).
  14. I think you've nailed it there, FL.
    For decades, road safety research has consistently shown that it's speed differential, and not absolute speed, that contributes most to risk. Something our dear leaders have conveniently removed from the stats they choose to use.
    Good argument for cycle lanes, though.
    My own personal experience (from when I was cycling) was that I had far more potential incidents on the treadly than I have had on the moto. One off on pedalpower = broken rib, one off on petrolpower = no injury (so far).
  15. Inside Sport did an article a couple of months ago citing cycling as the most dangerous sport in Australia, due to the fact that most are forced to train on public roads. 'Tis all I can add.
  16. 3 friends of mine were involved in a "off" last Saturday on their pushies at about 45kmh. Result= 1 x collarbone broken, 1 x elbow broken, 5 stitches, and about 3 hectares of gravel rash! No car involved.
  17. I'm pretty aggresive with my riding, and I tend to ride through heavy traffic mostly, the pushie is even easier to split through queues of traffic

    On the pushie, people are far less likely to see you, and I get cut off, and turned in front of a lot. Compared to my KTM supermoto with straight through pipe - people notice, and often even move to let me lane split.

    On the other hand, I ride a lot faster on the moto, so if I were to come get hit by someone, it would probably hurt more.

    I think you are more exposed on the pushie, but I counter that with my fast riding on the moto, meaning I think they are both pretty dangerous.
  18. But here is teh thing...
    You get the choice with how hard you want to push the Moto.
    Other traffic dictates how dangerous it is on the Pushie.
  19. I'm guessing, but I'd say more people commute on pushbikes.. Just from when I was commuting on a mixture of both from Reservoir (12km from the city), I'd use the pushy 2-3 times per week and the motorbike 1-2 times. I definately used to see more pushy's on the road.

    Anyway, I guess the answer to your question all depends on what you define 'dangerous' as. I think they both have the same capacity to hurt/maim, but I think the motorbike has a larger capacity to kill. I don't hear about many people dying cycling, maybe a few per year, but you hear of/read about people dying on motorbikes almost every week.

    So because I believe more people commute by pushbike and have less serious accidents doing so, I'd conclude that a motorbike is more dangerous.