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is a helmet the only thing to wear (general)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete777, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. by law is a helmet the only thing i have to wear while riding. was thinkin of goin for a ride in my undies tuckin my license in my crack and hopin to get pulled over so i can hand it over....

  2. You can by all means do so.

    BUT FIRST....

    You must post an EOI (Expression of Interest) in the General Discussion section, and then, pending a reasonable response, request for the ride to be transferred to the calendar for official endorsement.

    You must then swear on a pile of Mike Hailwood biographies, at least a metre high, that you will provide both movie and still pictorial evidence of said adventure, and that you will not then return to General Discussion and whinge about how the Police discriminate against humble bikers going about their daily business :LOL:.
  3. haha good answer can u provide the camera?
  4. I don't know why , but this image just seems to fit this post

  5. not many responses too this one. im sure i dont look that bad in my underwear. i did it on a bus in europe (croatia) wen the air con wasnt workin, until i was told i have to put clothes back on incase of a accident, they would have to explain why i was in my underwear. lol.
  6. You would likely get pinged for public indecency or similar
  7. well, you could actually get away with it if you had say speedo's on and the excuse was your heading to the pool or beach or friends place. Then you couldn't get done for public indecency :grin:

    +1 with video :)
  8. I reckon I could find a way for that image to fit any post :p
  9. i reckon i dont even need a reason, just post it :grin:
  10. Brilliant Idea. Make sure it's a really hot day so your crack will be really sweaty. Don't forget your sunscreen! :LOL:
  11. MIght want to avoid the school zones though
  12. Because its a stupid thread that belongs in another forum?
  13. You can get done for public indecency wearing underpants?

  14. I'm not well versed enough with Croatian law to comment.

    Though I did ride a bus from Dubrovnik to Split...but I don't think that qualifies me as an expert on nudity laws... :LOL:

    yeah I'm just being silly :p
  15. Maybe crotchless underpants.
  16. That's one bike I wouldn't try to overtake.
  17. [​IMG]

    There's probably a very logical explanation for this pic.
    Obviously the poor lass was in the shower when thieves broke into her appartment and stole all her clothes. She ran outside to see if she could catch when the door blew shut and locked her out. A friendly nieghbour then offered her a lift to the police station to report the crime....
    and that's the truth.
  18. And, he happened to have a spare helmet, that was exactly her size!


    Stupid squids! :roll:

  19. the whole truth and nothing but the truth? so help me god :LOL:
  20. Oh im sure he did! :LOL:

    Man i'd so be up for a nudist ride. Stick it to the man!!! :p