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Is a greenslip transferred over when buying a second hand bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Luiiiii, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so this weekend im gonna pay in full for my first bike and i've got a million questions but as the title suggests I was just wondering if the rego on the bike is till may next year, does the green slip also come with the bike? meaning i wont need to worry about it till next year?

  2. Yes it is

    You need to get comprehensive insurance or third party property insurance though
  3. million questions? only see 1
  4. Yes it is, i got mine in mail 3 weeks after rego transfer
  5. Not true, it's advisable to get the above, but is not a requirement....
  6. I meant that it doesnt transfer.

    The op is a learner btw, he should really have tpp at least.
  7. haha yea being in the age bracket of the high risk riders comprehensive is too costly, will be getting third party though. Thanks for the quick replies :)
  8. When I bought my scoot a few months back I noticed on my Greenslip that it lists a 75 yo male from the quiet burbs of outer Wollongong.

    Instead they have a middle aged filtering junkie and red light running luantic on their books, I wonder if I should update them?
  9. Somewhere in the fine print on that green slip may be a clause that will hit you with a substantial excess for not being an elderly rider in a regional area. Probably the least of your problems if you're ever in a prang where 3rd party injuries become an issue.
  10. I didn't know what "greenslip" was until I googled it. It's the same as the SA CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance.

    Though the policly is in my name it's actually the bike/vehicle that's covered and it doesn't matter who rides/drives any given vehicle.