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Is a CRUISER good commuting bike??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zicksivbinm, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so I'm testing the waters to see how helpful this can be!

    I've been riding a CB250 (classic style) for about 4 years, and now I'm getting rid of the bike.

    I've been considering my next bike, and here's what I want:

    * something good for short riders (I'm 5"5 / 157cm)
    * something zippier and or more powerful than my CB250
    * something not TOO powerful (I'd say 600cc is my absolute max)
    * Budget of <$6000
    * something good for commuting in and out of the city

    To get to the point, I'm quite interested in the Hyosung GV250 Aquila, which fits all that criteria. I also like the way it looks.

    My HESITATION, is that I do a lot of commuting up and down busy streets and LOVE the CB250 for that because it's great for manoeuvring and slipping between cars.

    Am I making the wrong decision by getting a slightly larger CRUISER-style bike for my purposes? I've heard it's tough to manage at slower speeds and won't be as easy to navigate between cars in heavy traffic.

    Any thoughts appreciated!

  2. mmmmmmm well yes i ride a cruiser to and from work... i would suggest either the VXS650 Yamaha or the Vt750 Honda shadow.... the honda is more slim line and has more grunt...

    as for the hyosung i wouldn't even bother...
  3. +1 to this.
  4. There is also the vt750s, got mid set pegs. Closer to the cb.

    I commute on a 1200cc cruiser. I find I can move it around very quickly, can even do the MOST on it. At 65kgc's I'm pretty small as well.
  5. Go to a 650. A 250 to a 250 cruiser will not be more "zippy and powerful".

    Also "zippy" is not a word I'll apply to cruisers generally, although some are certainly powerful. You choose your own ride, but an upright naked is the best bike for a commute IMO.
  6. get a narrow upright naked or a motard style bike, they are the best for slicing through cars, i wouldnt like to commute on a low cruiser, the extra height of sitting on my bike is helpful for planning filtering moves and shit.
  7. ^if i had to absolutely had to have a cruiser for commuting, it would be that one

    generally, are they good for commuting ? = no of course not, don't be ridiculous

    just get any 600 naked jap bike. hornet, gladius, er6, fzn. all have low seat height
    if you've survived traffic for 4 years on a 2fiddy, you're a pretty good rider.
    you give up advantage switching from your cb 2fiddy to a hyo cruiser 2fiddy.
    if you thought your bike was too slow , you are in for a rude shock
  8. Personally I love my Cruiser (Suzuki C50, VL800) and it's great for weekend rides, handles the twisty mountain rides very nicely, awesome to just cruise down the highway on, it suits all my needs perfectly. However, I also walk to work.

    Would I have this bike for commuting? Hell no! The handlebar width and length of the bike mean it will never be a competent lane splitter. The advice already given is great, go for a street style 600, nothing too sporty and you've got the perfect tool for the job. Buy slightly used and you'll save $$$ and still have a very good bike.

    If you're keen on a Hyosung you're probably also the type of masochist that would own an Alfa Romeo. Granted, they are much improved mechanically in recent years so credit to them there, but because of their lack lustre past they bleed value like an old Datsun leaks oil.

    Ideally what you really want is a commuter 600 and a second hand Yammy XVS 650 for the weekend cruising. Of course, budget is likely to be an issue but keep your eyes open for bargains and you might be surprised what you can achieve!

    If you want to get a better idea of the feel and handling of other bikes then link up with one of the Netrider weekend rides in your area and talk to the guys and gals that come along. A great way to get the no salesman straight talk about what different bikes are really like. Good luck in your quest!
  9. other option?

    Keep shitty 250 for commuting, buy a fun bike for weekends.
  10. +1. For efficient commuting, an upright naked is a better bike IMHO.
  11. commute on whatever!.
    Have commuted for many decades, prev ride was a M109, and I split and filtered as part of the normal ride process.
    Current commuter is a monster 1100.

    either way, add a stebel horn or similar, and make sure that you can be heard.
  12. Yes, but you look awesome when you arrive on a cruiser.
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  13. That's one of my points actually. You can't 'arrive', if you can't fit through. :)
  14. Try one first. Don't lash out lots of money for something that's a whole different genre of motorcycle if you've never even tried one.

    Like raven, I'd say an upright naked roadbike was a more suitable and practical commuter. The GS500 springs to mind, and the ER-6.

    If cruisers are what float your boat, then by all means get one, but I would think a mid-sized general-purpose bike would be a good all-rounder.
  15. Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone - I'm very impressed by the flood of responses!

    You have all convinced me that all I'm doing by getting the Hyosung 250 cruiser is giving up on the flexibility I currently have with my CB250. So thank you =D&gt;

    That then puts me in one of two positions:

    1) "Classic" style / naked bike with more grunt
    2) A cruiser that's actually making a real step up

    On #1:
    • I loved the look of the Honda VT750 Sport when I saw it in the shop. Do you guys know any other bikes in that style/category? (the GS500 suggestion is too sporty for my liking). Like the Bonneville, but when we get into bikes of that caliber we're talking lots of $$$.
    • I'm also afraid that at 5"5 the 750cm seat height on the VT750S might actually be too high for me. Thoughts?

    On #2: A lot of you recommended the Yamaha XVS650, and Suzuki C50, and Honda Shadow. All BEAUTIFUL bikes.
    • Too big/heavy for a guy my size?
    • And back to my original question - they're still as much of a pain in the ass for commuting as the Hyosung GV250, right?

    Thanks everyone - I think I'm on my way....
  16. Go for the test ride. See what YOU like. I like a cruiser. Each to their own.
  17. Seat height is not the only stat you need to worry about the seat width. Really you need to go sit on them. Your height cant tell us match as it depends on leg length anyway.

    Go sit on them. Good thing as they are common the dealers will have them.

    Oh and a scooter is the best for commuting because when some 4wd tries to run you over just jump off and let it go, and it will probably just bounce. If it doesnt who cares its a scooter.
  18. go Yamaha Virago XV535......small, light, zippy, comfy, lower seat height, narrower handlebars. You should be able to split traffic pretty easily with this one.

    BTW an XV535 is fast enough to drag an XVS650, so its not short on quickness.
  19. Great suggestion on the Virago XV535 - looks and does what I want. BUT, it hasn't been made in 8 years and I'd like something a bit newer. Getting close!

    So far 2 bikes that are almost perfect seem to be the Honda VT750S and the Yamaha Virago XV535. Anything else you guys can come up with which looks/feels similar??
  20. Suzuki Bouldavard M50. they are a nice bike. 800cc low seat sporty/cruiser look. all depends you can go to the kawka VN900