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News Is a Boxer Powered BMW R1200S Coming?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. With BMW having success after success with its new model releases of late, could the Bavarian manufacturer seriously be considering building a boxer-engine powered sportsbike? If reports from German motorcycle magazine Motorrad are to be believed, the venerable R1200S could be making a return as soon as the end of next year.

    The original R1200S was made shortly back in 2006 and wasn’t hugely successful. It was also very much a niche motorcycle – the boxer engine while being torquey just didn’t translate well to a sportsbike.

    So what would a modern day boxer powered R1200S offer? It would sit well below BMW’s track weapon – the S 1000 RR – and possibly even below power of the of naked S 1000 R. It’s more likely that a new take on the R1200S would be a sporty tourer with weight savings from the boxer engine and potentially even a shaft drive in favor of a traditional chain. Again, it would be a nice machine – the question is whether the demand is there for such a bike given the development costs this would require.

    The image below is a render mocked up by German accessories producer and aftermarket tuner Wunderlich who have previous history with BMW. The two companies have collaborated before and the German magazine Motorrad has a pretty good track record of making predictions – especially those connected to BMW.

    BMW has had a very busy few years and at the end of this year is expected to release an R nineT based Scrambler and Cafe Racer, so don’t expect the BMW R1200S to make an appearance before 2017.

    Source: Motorrad Magazine

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  2. The R1200RS already exists, there is no need for an "s" version and the boxer is never going to be a sportsbike engine.