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Is a 85 Kawasaki GT750 a good swap for my 94 Bandit 250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AlanS, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. So I happened to be passing a bike shop yesterday and stopped in, I'm not really on the look out for a new bike because I've got no cash, but they offered me a straight swap (inc on road costs) for an 85 Kawasaki GT750. It seemed in good condition, a little rust around the tank cap and at the back, custom engine guards that have hit the ground but done their job, didn't notice any other problems except it's a bit ugly.

    On the test ride I found it a bit slow off the mark, not great at cornering and very windy, but they could all be because I'm used to the Bandit.

    I'd like a change to a bigger bike but could only do so if it's a straight swap and I'm really enjoying the Bandit now.

    So what do you think, should I go for it?

  2. Without having any details of the bike, on the face of it doesn't sound like the best idea, I mean the bike is over 20 years old. I think it would be more of an emotive idea. If the bike shop is so willing to offer you a straight swap, you've got to be wondering what their intentions are...
  3. I wouldn't.
  4. Just from your post it doesn't seem like you're completely sold on the idea of this new bike, if you are enjoying your current bike more, stick with the Bandit, something else will always come up down the track...
  5. 9 years difference is pretty big. And don't forget that 250 prices are inflated because of the licensing system. They wouldn't trade unless they were getting the better part of the deal.

    Up to you though.
  6. Keep the bandit.

    But I'm biased.... :p

  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. Sell the bandit privately, being a 250 you're sure to get a good price. Then bide your time and look for a bargain. Perfect example, I just sold a 99 VTR1000F for $4500.
  9. Dont do it........

    As someone said before me, sell privately and use the cashola to buy something else....

    For that kind of price you can buy that ZX6R in the for sale section..... and guaranteed that would be a better bike...
  10. kepe the bandit, it's a much better bike and worth more!

    if you want to upgrade, i second what's mentioned above, sell it privately and hunt for a bargin big bike.
  11. Ask for a three month mechanical warranty, GT750 shaft drive so if in good order will last a while. If they have confidence in the bike they will still do the trade.
  12. GT750 was an excellent bike in there day.Couriers used them a lot as they were built to last,EXTREMELY reliable and shaft drive.Most have about 3 billion miles on them and occassionally :-k had starter clutch issues with them from memory.I seem to recall they clock at 99999.So you would never know if they have 1-2 or 400000k on the clock.
    End of the day he's a dealer and knows he can make more money from your Bandit,than the GT,because of larger market for Bandit,newer bike,etc. If he didnt think he was coming waaaaay out in front,then he wouldnt offer in the swapsy in 1st place :?
  13. Warranty on a 1980's bike? Good luck, but fat chance I reckon.

    Don't do it, stick with the 250, it's probably faster anyhow! Or sell the 250 for cash and you'll buy something twice as good.

    I reckon the GT750 is worth about $1200-$1800 if in very good condition for a private sale.
  14. The bike shops are only there for 1 reason!!!! to make money!
    obviously they think they are getting a great deal otherwise they wouldnt swap it. your bike must be worth more its plain too see.

    its a big "nooooo dont do it" from me
  15. I've owned 2 GT750's over the years and I actually reckon they are a good bike, but even I wouldn't suggest a straight swap for your Bandit.

    I reckon your Bandit is worth at least $1000 more than a good GT750.
  16. It should go like shit off a shovel compared yto a 250, something wrong with it. As much as I like older Kwakas, I'd advise you to pass on it.
    Older bikes are something you should really be able to work on yourself, or get cheap enough you can throw dollars at.
    Where is this GT by the way? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. A fine suggestion!

    That ZX6R rocks!

    although I could be a bit biased.....
  18. The 550's were great, the 750's not as good. I did the eastern half of Australia on mine. But they're way past their use by date now.
  19. That is exactly what my mate with the GT550 kept saying, even Two Wheels prefered the power delivery of the 550 to the 750.

    The 550 did have a more linear power range which made it (arguably) more suited to touring, but OTOH the 750 was a much better bike for fanging... had lots more top end horse power (only 3 ps down on the GPz750).
  20. NO NO NO!!