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Is a 400 too slow for Broadford track day?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Danos, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Im pretty keen to try out a track day for some fun, can any experienced track riders give me some info/advice?

    Am i kidding my self taking a 400 naked to Broadford?

    Do people with 250's or slower bikes go there?

    How many tracks are there in Victoria?

    What tracks do you like the most?

    (Yep, im an info whore)
  2. Get out there, mate. You will be slower than your bike, and will learn a lot. Do it as soon as you can.
  3. Hey Danos,
    I rode with you when we did the GOR and you will be fine mate. You ride well.
    Not that i have done Broadford but ive seen it and it is a smaller track so i reckon you'd have no dramas.
    I was at Sandown last week and there were a couple of 250's going around. Its all about fun and getting out there!!!
  4. a 400 would go well.

    because it is a small track the difference in times between superbikes down to 400s and 125gp is not that much compared to say PI.

    400s are capable of doin 61s, average on 64-65s laps. so yes, well suited. You will enjoy.

    Phongus rode his 250 across and still came off with a huge smile, and learnt heaps
  5. ^^^ doesnt phongus ride a track viffer 400? distinctly remember that i think.
  6. I did it last week on a CBR 250.
    Got smashed ont he two main straights but cornering wise there was little difference. Even managed a few overtaking manoeuvres against some bigger bikes in the novice group and I am a million miles away from being an expert rider.
  7. My first track day was at Broadford on my GPX250. LOOOVVVEEDD IT. :D
  8. Awesome info guys, thanks a lot for your input. Im sold. Im looking to get to the early December weekend.

    Just bought real boots for the first time and holy crap i feel retarded again. $#it!

    Are you supposed to change gear with the metal lip of the boot or the top of your toes like you would with normal shoes?

    Suddenly i have lost control over my breaking foot power. (too heavy) Looks like i have to get used to them.

    So what's Sandown like Gilesy? Ive heard the straights at Broadford are a bit bumpy out of the last corner.
  9. You'll have a ball!

    Broadford is awesome fun on any bike, even in the rain!

    Get new tyres first though mate!
  10. Done and done. (Dunlop road smart) Yeah i was pretty dodgy on that last ride.
  11. I just did a lot of research and checked out the track and laps on vids and i was a bit disappointed to find out the track has only 1 left turn (apart from S which is more like a half second shift).

    Does this mean that you cane the right side of your tires and your left side doesnt fully warm up leaving your tires unbalanced or unevenly worn?

    Sorry to ask so many noob questions. Im getting heavily back into a child hood love affair *motorbikes* after 13 years...
  12. Broadford was great fun for me on my Hyo when I had it :D

    Though I was maxed out at 140km/h on the straights, and slower when the strong headwinds came through :p... but through the corners I was keeping up with some of the bigger bikes, so gave me a big grin... but not on the main straight when bastards fly past me at like 200km/h !

    See me in the photo ! I'm absoluting OWNING .. And not creating traffic thank you..

  14. Correct...I also have a viffer 400 track bike :D, but my first track day was on my 250 Across and that was one awesome day which got me into racing. Slow doesn't always mean boring :D...great experience on any bike. As Paul Kleinberg mentioned...I had a smile on my face all day.

    So to the OP...take the bike out and have a blast. It will be intimidating at first, but as the day goes on and more track time under your belt, you will get better and more confident.

    Back straight does get a bit bumpy after turn 2 at Broadford...I managed a bit of air time on my track bike...which was scary the first time as the front wheel touched down and jiggled. Main straight after the last turn didn't seem bumpy to me. Last left hand corner just goes off camber as you go over the hill.

    Yeah, Broadford only has one left turn which puts more wear on the right hand side of the tyre. The tyres on my 250 was worn a lot on the right hand side compared to the left, but it hasn't affected road use.

    I know there are Broadford, Winton, Phillip Island and Sandown race tracks. Not sure on this, but Calder Park was meant to have a bike safe track some time...not sure when though.

    I would say PI was one hell of an experience on the 400 for me...I some how felt safer riding at close to 200km/hr at PI and tackling the first corner at well over 100km/hr. Would be my favorite track :D...however Broadford is good for honing slow corner techniques.
  15. 400 is perfect for Broadford - get out there son!!