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Is 50000k's a lot for a motorbike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by art_vandelay, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Hi, I'm looking at a 250 with 50000ks on it.

    Do you think that's too much?

  2. Depends on the model and service history - how confident are you that the seller is honest?

    @ 50,000kms you'd want to have the clutch friction plates checked, all sprockets, should have had the chain replaced at least twice if not 3 times, new air filters unless they were cleaned religiously, check the rotors for signs of uneven wear/warps/grooving, check the fork seals, etc.
  3. Yep don't buy it because as soon as you do it will self implode.
    Bike engines are designed to last no more than 50,026 kms then the shit hits the fan.


    Of course if it has been serviced regularly then it will last easily another 150000 before any major work may be required a certain Sydney rider I know had a spada that lasted 180,000 kms before it finally blew something during a track day after he repaired it the bike was crushed by an errant 4wd while parked a few months later.
  4. If its been serviced properly, no its not too much.
  5. ^^^ What he said.
    It is a little on the highish side, but if the bike has been treated well and serviced properly then it shouldn't cause you any grief.
  6. Is it a model that's likely to have been flogged, like a sports orientated model? Or is it a cruiser? You need to determine the state or the engine, and just as importantly, if you buy it YOU must continue look after it if you want any kind of longevity. Cheers.
  7. A few people on GPX250's have had to change/rebuild engines around then, but that may just be due to improper servicing. I've seen many 250's with much, much more.

    Personally I'd say 50,000km is getting on a bit. If the bike has been hammered by learners, you'll probably be up for a gearbox overhaul.
  8. This is all in the 'Buying a Bike guide' in a sticky at the top of the 'New riders' forum.

    As per the others, depends on how its been used and the love its been given by its owner(s). Take along a mate, or your dad, or somone you know whos just good with engines. If they give it the all clear it may be alright. If its blowing smoke, rattly, and seems to be in poor condition (oily, dirty engine) then it may not be worth buying.

    If you tell us your budget and preffered type of bike (cruiser, sporty, all-round, dirt) we could give you some more suggestions. Remember, this thing will have to last you 3 years before you upgrade to a non-LAMS bike.

    Cheers mate - boingk

    EDIT: As an example, a performance two-stroke would be closing in on needing a third cylinder and top-ends by that milage. A tourer or other low-stressed large bike may well have another 100,000km or more left in it.
  9. Thanks guys.

    The bike is a Spada. I'm looking at around $2500 - $3000 to start off with. Then do the L's, get the first lot of P's (I'm 28 so I get to skip round 2), then get the full license.