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Is $1500 ok to spend on first bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by WantFreedom, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    So im looking at doing my HART training course in January 2015 and after I complete the course I want to buy a bike I'm only looking at spending $1500 with a max of $2000 but would rather stay around $1500.

    Do you think I will run into issues buying a bike that cheap as in mechanical issues or you can get a reliable bike for that price?

    As I plan on using most of my money on overseas travel I really only want that cheap bike to learn on and get experience not fussed if it doesn't go quick.

    I saw this http://www.bikesales.com.au/private/SSE-AD-3142934/1998-Kawasaki-ZR250-Balius?cr=1&psq=%28%28%28%28%28%28SiloType%3D[Demo%20%26%20near%20new%20bikes]%29|%28SiloType%3D[Dealer%20used%20bikes]%29%29|%28SiloType%3D[Private%20used%20bikes]%29%29%26%28Type{%3D}[Road]%29%29%26%28State{%3D}[VIC]%29%29%26%28Price%3Drange[1500..2000]%29%29%26%28Service%3D[Bikesales]%29&pso=0&pss:price



    Would something like this be ok? I don't see many bikes around the $1500 price range so it worries me I might end up with a lemon!

  2. I would be concerned about that bike being rare.... So parts are hard to get.

    Aren't the balius grey?

    $1500 will buy you an ok bike, try looking for a gpx250 or a zzr250. Especially one with road rash
  3. Answering questions pithily:



    Not sure I'd buy a bike from someone who thinks the bike has a 120 litre tank and can't operate the focus on the camera. I'm judgmental that way.

    You're welcome.
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  4. ahahah thanks for the find this had me laughing out loud.

    >Starts first time.
    >120 liter capacity
    >Belongs to my brother but am selling it on his behalf.
  5. Try Gumtree for cheap bikes, bikesales be dreamers
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  6. I saw the 120 Ltr capacity I laughed as well haha

    I see some bikes that look better at $1999 might be worth trying haggle then down few hundred dollars. to say $1700 - $1800

    Yes having a look on Gumtree now :)
  7. what about gear, helmet, gloves jacket etc have you factored in this cost
  8. My zzr 250 has 67000 km on it but I only paid $800
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  9. Yes factored in costs for gear $1000 approx which is why I only want to spend no more than $2000 on a motorbike.
  10. Much better option.
  11. Hi, got my Recently and picked up a 2003 cb250 for $1500. Only 11k kms, ex learner training bike, great 1st bike for the price.
  12. *got my L's recently
  13. If you fancy an honest '95 Honda CB250 with 48K for under $1500, we should chat. I'll be looking to shift mine after the New Year.
  14. Mick M If you want to send me some photos of it and a bit of a description about the bike ill keep it in mind as I'm not looking to buy until Jan / Feb

    You can email me at 18bt18@gmail.com if you like.
  15. I think you will have no problem with getting an older 250 for $1500.
  16. so the 250 will be an a decent bike to learn on? I imagine it would be easy to get parts for it being an Honda.
  17. My 250 Honda is 35 years old and I am going on a 1800km. 3 day ride on Saturday. There are some real good older 250 out there. You do not have to have one as old as mine. But even at 35 years old, they can be a good bike.
  18. I got booked on mine doing 117 in a 100. Did 1600kms that weekend.

    Which Honda are you talking about? Some will have good parts supply others not so much.

    Edit you probably mean the cb, yeah that should be ok. I think you should get a better price on that bike though, unless it's showroom sorry Mick
  19. My first bike cost ~$1,500 it might have been less. 1980 Yamaha XJ650 with a billion km's on the clock or thereabouts and It had probably been dropped a number of times in its life.

    I think I spent a total of $40 replacing a perished intake manifold (yes, Yamaha still carried parts for it), and balanced the carbs.

    My budget for gear (what I had in my pocket) ~$300. I got a helmet, a pair of gloves, an ex police jacket from a surplus store. GP boots I already owned as well as a pair of sturdy Jeans.

    17 year's later I'm still around to tell the story. As for my recent crash none of my gear had any signs of sliding/abrasion my problem was I came to a very sudden stop, the gear doesn't help much in this situation.

    I'm not saying don't wear gear, I'm just saying make your own decisions. I'd half your budget for gear, and spend the rest on some additional schooling that will prevent you from falling in the first place.

    I was lucky as I grew up around bikes all my life and was schooled by blokes that had been riding 30-40 years and more.