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Irresponsible parent!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by E2W, May 5, 2012.

  1. At the traffic lights out the front of the shop I just saw a guy on a 2000 model fireblade in shorts, singlet and runners. Now I'm all for freedom of choice when it come to riding gear but that that isn't what this post is about. What this post is about is this guy had a kid on the back of his bike who couldn't have been older than 4 or 5. The kid also had shorts and singlet on. Even worse was the fact that the kid was so small that he had to share the riders seat with the rider and was sandwiched between the pillion seat hump and the riders back to stay on and his feet were just dangling in the air. The site of this really turned my stomach. To think there's parents out there that would take a chance like that with a kid on the back of a bike is a worry. There's never a copper around when you need one.

  2. You know, even apart from the safety aspect of it there is also the chill factor.

    i understand that the guy will somewhat block alot of the windchill from the kid but I'm sure that the kid will still get pretty cold on the back of a bike in shorts and a singlet at this time of year.

    Unfortunately you can't desex some humans.
  3. Unfortunately there is a strong positive correlation between people who need to be told off and people who get agro about you not minding your own business.
  4. ride your own ride
  5. ^^^^ the picture above is pretty much what it looked like.

  6. I disagree.

    Bare minimum is a call to the cops.

    If kids are in danger (and by the description, he was), then there is an onus on the community to help, or at least report it to someone who can.

    I dont think my kids would have the strength or concentration to hold on yet. When they do, they will wear protective gear, while they are under my care.
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  7. A kid that small goes between the rider and the tank,
    Stops them falling off.
    My kids loved riding on my Bikes, And any one elses kids as well.

    Gear, what gear, Just make sure their feet dont rest on a hot motor or exhaust,
    And dont touch the bike because its hot and will burn you,

    Long rides. Totally out of the question, Too much for a little kid,

    I think its 8 years old minimum for a kid now to be on a bike, and all the gear,
  8. Here's another for the list.

  9. Thats wrong, That kid can fall off too easily, should be in front of the rider,

    I ride with a pillion thats asleep most of the time, Her hands are in my jacket pockets, So I know where she is, if she starts to slip, a nudge wakes her up,
  10. I think everyone has the right to speak up when they see things like the OP mentioned. Can't expect anyone to learn better if everyone is too damn scared to speak up when it needs to be done... or thinks it is not their place to say anything.

    When I see kids in a car with no seatbelts I speak up.

    When I see a Mum on the phone while driving with kids in her car.. or smoking with kids in the car I speak up.

    If no one speaks up how can we expect anything to improve?
  11. Five year old kids can't make informed judgement calls on issues like the risk in riding on the back of a bike with no safety gear on. Adults can and that's fine. I have no issue with adults riding in shorts and singlets because there adults and they have made a choice. But to put a kid on the back of a bike in such an unsafe manner with no safety gear is insane.
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  12. There is a difference between riding around the block or up and down your street to give the kids a ride on a bike, Fun Fun Fun. Future addicts,

    Me and the kids had no safety gear on,

    And taking a small kid on a long ride, Thats a whole different story.

    And if you read on here, There are plenty that have been riding since 4 or 5 years old,

    I know 8 and 10 year old kids that would leave riders that have ridden for years, for dead,
    Run rings around them,

    Where did they learn from,

    I definately disagree with putting a young kid on the back of the bike,
    You have to hold on to them, So they dont fall off,
  13. I grew up in a country where a motorbike was the only means of transport for the majority of middle class. Cars are a very luxury item and only the super rich can afford them (well back then anyway). So using bikes for all kinds of things was just the norm!! Imagine a family of 4 in a bike, along with the shopping!! Its just standard stuff out there.

    I had no idea that motorcycling gear existed before i came to OZ and started riding here. Started riding when i was 8 and got on a motorbike when i was a toddler , clutched in my mum's arms till i was big enough to balance myself on the tank(holding on to the handlebars) with dad riding! That was how we got around... all day... everyday... and guess what i grew up, and so did every other kid that was raised like so.
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  14. Your Mum was so irresponsible, Hahahahahahaha
  16. I believe WA recently changed laws so that the youngest a pillion can be is 8 years old. They also have to be able to touch the pegs. So if this was in WA, the rider would have been breaking the law. Licence number to the cops, time and place and a willingness to testify is all that is needed for a charge to be laid.

  17. Haha... She sure was, thank god for that!! Maybe thats where the love of motorcycles began for me hahaha!! I remember when i was about 15 and me and a mate decided to go on a pilgrimage to a holy place that was about 800kms on our motorbikes, the day of the ride was a cold day and had been pissing down rain overnight and would not stop. I rang my mate and were considering our options when dad walks in hands me a raincoat and says "Better get going boy don't wanna be caught in the morning rush" Hahaha I love him for that... made me who i am today!!

    Seriously though, The kids here in a overtly safety conscious culture and the kids in other third worlds where they have safety by "their own standards" all grow up and all lead happy lives. I agree that if you have the means to keep em and yourself safe do it, but no use going on about people who don't! It seems kinda hypocritical to carry on about others when you yourself don't like being judged about things you do!!

    Forgot to add: The day i told my folks i had bought a bike here in Australia, my dad just cooly said, "Well took you long enough, now sell that stupid car!" Hahaha...
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  18. Five year old kids can't make informed judgement calls on issues like joining a church/religion either. I find that more disturbing.
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  19. ok, I'm not bashing kids riding motorcycles. My 9 and 6 year old both have a PW80 and a PW50 and trust me when the 3 of us go out riding we hoon and there's crashes a plenty. But my girls look like an advert for Fox Racing gear with the amount of safety gear they wear. Everything from body armour, knee pads boots and helmets.

    What I thought was ****ed up this morning was the kid doesn't know the consequence of the riders actions. Throw that 5 year old down a tarmac road at 70kph in shorts and singlet and what do you think will happen? Its wrong that an adult is placing a kid at such risk.
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