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Irresponsible behaviour - what would you have done ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. I popped another mono this afternoon riding home from work !

    I got stopped at a set of lights in the centre lane.
    To my left stopped a worked Monaro GTS . . . 70s model
    To my right stopped also a worked XY Falcon GTHO ! :eek:

    One of them bleeped their throttle, probably to signal to the other for when the lights to turn green, its ON !!

    I'm caught in the middle . . so I gave the Duc a throttle bleep also ! hahahaha :LOL:, those who have heard my bike would know that this would have been a tense situation waiting for the green !

    anyway, the rest is history . . . .

    Its almost 1am and I am writing this post, and I still have the grin on my face. :grin:

    c'mon, surely you guys would have done the same thing.
  2. Well...

    I'm not interested in getting stuck in a car sandwich, but occasionally, just once in awhile, it's enjoyable when some idiot in a tin can pulls up alongside you solo...and genuinely thinks he can have a go. And does the whole routine - revving, egging you on, doing his best to encourage a car vs. bike drag race.

    Most commonly it's a youthful type in a Silvia or somesuch.

    If it's safe to do so, it's always fun to take off and stay dead level with him as he canes his Turbo Singer Sewing Machine senseless. Then when he thinks he's reached the peak of his drag-racing prowess and you're pretty evenly matched, wind it on and hose the bugger. Thoroughly.

    Like I said, doesn't happen often, but yeah, it makes you smile every now and then, doesn't it?

  3. You shall go to hell with all the other motorcyclists giving us law abiding safety nazis a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself drag racing is a crime in this country and if I had my choice I would impound your bike and make you ride a girl's pushbike for a month. You have no shame and I for one are sick and tired of idiots like you who ruin for everyone else! :p :p

    So did ya beat em! :grin:
  4. yeah. i would of had a go, if the bike i ride is capable of keeping up or beating them. at the moment i dont think the across could give some cars much of a run
  5. Funny, a car full of young blokes pulled up next to me at the lights yesterday, and a guy on an RF900R was sitting just behind and to the right of me. These guys were all 'Set up for a drag, boys! Do a mono! Ah, bet you can't!'

    So I just took off very sedately indeed when the lights changed, to prove I don't give in to peer pressure... then 20 m or so up the road gave the little Spada a bit of a wind out, just to not be a complete killjoy, and because I would have anyway. The RF then got under it a bit and went past me, and I know I was grinning... and all this fun happened below about 80 km/h.
  6. I usually go by the driver.If they look like a wanker :jerk: with a delicate ego :roses: who,s whole identity is based around their car :driver: ,than I feel it is my moral obligation as a motorcyclist to accelerate away from them on 1 wheel, as quick as possible to 60kmh, in order that they realise the 30k+ they have spent on their car, can still they can be beaten by two wheels and a third of the price tag and totally demoralise and shame them into skuttling back into their hole.
    Having said that the GTHO and Monaro,s where both total classic ozzie muscle cars, so out of respect I would have only done it to 59kmh :grin:
  7. You did the right thing. Cagers need to be put in there place sometimes.

    Irresponsible? Nah, nothing like cutting off your neighbour's car (in your own street) while excecuting a wheelie. :LOL:
  8. No comment...

    The only reason I said no comment is because last time I answered one of these threads I got ripped to schreds...
  9. fo shizzle, if I had 60Hp more. It's only irresponsible if you are doing a mono whilst drunk and sms'n your ex girlfriend at 4am on the wrong side of the road without wearing your leathers.

    .. so did you have to change out of first?
  10. shreds :p
  11. One of the guys was talking german........ schreds....
  12. You Quatschkopf :grin:
  13. Yeah, that kinda stuff....
  14. Sorry Stereo head. :grin:

    But the chance to drag off my two favourite cars ever would have been tempting, so to answer the original question, yep I would have done it if I had a bigger bike, :LOL:
  15. Rofl. I had a biker do that to me in my car.

    I wasn't out to drag the bike either. I left turned onto the tonkin highway (90 kmh zone) at an intersection just as oncoming traffic got the green, so I booted it to get out in front of the oncoming traffic. A sports bike spilt up the middle, slowed down along side me and gave me a look and hand signal to say "not bad" then with one hand waving bye bye, popped the front wheel in the air (we where doing about 80kmh by then) and disapeared into the distance.
    All I could do is chirp the back yokies into third and listen to his sports zort as he nailed 10,000 rpm at every gear change. Very impressive how he got the front wheel up at 80kmh one handed.
  16. Oh, dont get me wrong.... Theoretically I would do it too... I can neither confirm nor deny that I might have done exactly that to a WRX and Skyline the on Kororoit Creek road on Wednesday night... I also cannot confirm pullin a 20m stoppie at the light at StKilda beach a few weeks ago when there may or may not have been some delicious girls walking along...

    I can also not confirm that my favourite trick is to let them pass, then go past them a lot faster, turn the choke up full and cross my arms as if I am just relaxing while I go past them....

    But that is just speculation on this forum.......
  17. The temptation doesn't get any less as you get older, I am here to tell you. Along with the previous poster, I can neither confirm nor deny a flat out drag to the closing lane at the top of Macquarie Pass with a would-be-if-he-could be in a Falxon XR-6 Turbo.....

    Nor the simple enjoyment of getting to the posted limit by the quickest possible means, then rolling off and watching them rocket by....
  18. And it's even more fun on a itsy bitsy scooter! They really hate it, all that macho V8 testosterone made to look silly by a motorized shopping trolley... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. When on the way homefromwork on my old GPX750 i had a skyline and a wrx comeup to the line in the middle and right lanes. Gave them a look, theywerethetypical lebs in their fooly siiiiiiickcars.

    I initially decided not to indulge and took off lightly, then saw they were giving it a go. So naturally i had to setthe order straight and got on the gas and shot past them before they'd even crossed the intersection.

    immediately afterthatwe encountered some traffic and isplit away and never saw even a headlight of 'em again.
  20. Me! My adrenaline tends to take over in this situation and I get all shakey and loose all perspective..... Then I'd probably stall it and look like a dick! :oops:

    I prefere a rolling start up through the twisties..... in moderation, of course :twisted: