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Irresponsible Advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kris, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Ever discovered how much better at Pool, Snooker and Darts you are after a pint? Beer contains magical properties as we all know, and yet rarely is drinking encouraged in preparation for motorbike riding...

    I do everything better after a pint of ale! ...then I get slowly worse with every successive drink. But after attempting a run over the delightful Black Spur after a beer on the weekend, I discovered that motorcycling is no different from snooker for me. I'm generally quite bad, but with just the right, small amount of beer in me I get lots better.

    Does this count as a Riding Tip? :grin:
  2. You've got ten seconds to move this to Off Topic or Jokes and Humour...
  3. :LOL: Well, at least with darts you can measure your success to see if you really are better, but with riding, how do you know if you're better or just feel like you are? It's possible that it would help the overly nervous rider slightly more confident... nerves can make us dangerous, as can the alcohol effects of reduced reflexes/slower judgments... maybe gotta find the right amount to balance it for you? I'd still prefer to overcome my nerves other ways. A Beechworth Bakery Snickerdoodle generally does it for me :grin:

    My irresponsible advice is to ride angry. I know - it's not widely advised, but it's much more fun!
  4. I'm curious as to what a small amount of alcohol is actually doing to your mind though. I always see people smoking after carousing along the spurs and wondered if it's vaguely the same thing? Or is nicotine a physical relaxant whereas alcohol is actually messin with your noggin?
  5. So long as you are 0.049 it is completely acceptable advice. 0.05 on the other hand is extremely dangerous, outright despicable behaviour. You don't deserve to be on the road.

  6. Of course. I'm not advocating drink driving. I'm suggesting a single bottle of beer, a perfectly legal amount of alcohol, might relax the nerves and help riding.
  7. You're not the only one to have stumbled upon the grog effect, which is the reason why when the rozzers are blitzing the twisties they get the breatho's out. So best to keep it to one only.

    Beer makes me wee
    Potatoe mash makes me weeeee
  8. Taking this topic seriously for a moment, a common issue for many riders is being too stiff on the bike, mostly due to nerves, and giving the bike bad feedback.

    A single drink would likely act as a muscular relaxant, as well as help to alleviate any nerves, and if being stiff from nerves is your primary problem, then yes, it could help you to be smoother and quicker.

    BUT, your reactions will be slower and so will your sense of reasoning be off as well. You could barrel into a corner with false confidence. Fear, sometimes, in the right amount is "a good thing". Let's call it "Respect" for those that are too insecure to use the word "Fear".

    In any event, all the drinking is doing is masking an underlying inherent issue with the rider's skill set. It is far, far better for the rider to learn the appropriate relaxation skills which will only come through more confidence from more time on the bike, than it is to use a drug/relaxant to address those issues while applying negative effects.

    To sum it up, don't fool yourself into believing that the alcohol is actually making you a better rider. Very bad for you to be relying on it as a crutch rather than taking the time to develop the correct skills which will ultimately make you a superior rider when not under the influence.
  9. Damn you FLUX and all your sense-making. Here I was looking for an easy fix to my crappy riding ability and you come barging on in with your logic and such....

  10. I guess 'one' beer is ok

  11. You know...... I do this too.

    Like if I've had a bad day, or something has really pissed me off, I just get on the bike and let it all out, ride like a complete crazy person and I feel so much better for it.

    Could also explain why I need a new rear tire.......
  12. Yea I do the same. One time I was in a bad mood in rush hour. The traffic was going about 70-80kph on the eastern at the time. I just lane split doing about 120kph almost the whole length of the fwy. I kinda got addicted to the fun of doing it. I kinda did it for about 6 weeks till I thought better stop before I loose my license... :p
  13. make that 140.
    hi, you described me.
    with no licence.
    dont do it :p

    and im with Flux on the beer. it tastes crap anyways.
    i prefer a burger and a V up the spur :grin:

    oh and VCM.
  14. Nah mate, it’s all bollox. Flux is on to it:
    You might ride smoother and faster with a v. low BAC however your ability to judge speed and handle hazards is shot to shit.

    In the MSF’s Guide to Motorcycling Excellence it’s reported that their staff basically “had a piss-up and did some motorbike tests. In the first stage (average BAC 0.033) they found as Kris describes, increased confidence and also increased ability to ride smoother and faster. However this was only so when all they had to do was ride forward. Manoeuvring and response to commands were impaired, as was the ability to correctly assess speed, swerve, and e-brake. As they continued the test and the BAC average increased beyond 0.033 it all predictably turned to sh1t and I won’t bore you with the details.

    According to some other stuff secondary referenced on the MSF website at a BAC of 0.01 to 0.04%, judgment begins to lessen, the drinker is less critical of their own actions, reaction time is slowed, and indications of mental relaxation may appear.

    Given that it's more difficult to operate a motorbike than a car, if anything the alcohol limit for bikes should be lower than for their counterparts.

  15. Got to disagree with you on than one, in my case at least. I play a bit of snooker on the odd occasion and the more I think about the shot the worse I play. A pint seems to relax my mind to the point where I don't think about the shot, I just do it, and the scoreboard consistently shows I play better after a drink.

    I felt the same on the bike. No dulling of senses, just a relaxed precision. Unless that, in of itself, IS a dulling of my senses, which are just too damn highly-strung when riding spiritedly.

    Don't get the wrong idea. I've never driven a car or ridden a bike drunk... never will.
  16. The issue with possibly having a single bottle of beer is that this one bottle of beer, while may be harmless to yourself, would put me well and truly put me in harms way. However, I would never be able to finish that bottle of beer because beer tastes like shit.

    Its a Zero alcohol policy for me in/on any vehicle. Not on the bike, not in the car and not in the boat.
  17. And especially not while swerving 'round a goat!

    (Dr. Seuss!)
  18. Great. Maybe keep your relaxed precision away from other road users. :roll:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  19. ....and the hysteria begins.