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Irrespondisble advertising . . . . Mazda CX7 !!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Anyone seen the advertisement on TV yet ?

    See how it shows a driver carving it up twisties over taking a motorbike !!! :?
    Even worse !! Its overtaking a Monster !! :evil:

    False advertising at its best !
    hahahaha !
  2. Hahah, yeah I seen that ad on tv earlier this week...

    Even my mum was laughing to herself about it!
  3. yep !
    Tells all those soccer mums out there that their CX7 can overtake motorbikes on winding roads !!

    I noticed its a Monster since it shows a shot of bike rider looking in his/her rear view mirror and sees the CX7 coming. . . . . I though . . ., hey i've seen that mirror somewhere before !!! :LOL:
  4. Hahah.

    Gotta love the false advertisement!
  5. #5 The Predecessor, Dec 16, 2006
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  6. so wrong !! :evil:

    For a minute then you could have been mistaken it was me riding ! :LOL:
    You know, black helmet and jacket and all !


    And its a 1000cc S4R !!!! silver with blue stripe !!


    Zoom Zoom Zoom my ass !!!

    . . . . . waits for Ducati jokes !
  7. Yeah, but how much woudl you give for that road to be real!!!!
  8. Only if it wasn't full of soft-roader owners who actually believe their vehicle can handle. Why don't they make the ad realistic and show the CX-7 with several degrees of body roll understeering across the centreline into oncoming traffic :p.
  9. Here's the full story of what's happening in that CX7 ad:

    The Monster has been blasting through the twisties right on, or not much below the posted speed limit (because the rider is, of course, a sensible, law-abiding citizen), all the while staying in the correct lane.

    Having come to a straight section he decides to back off to 20Kph below the limit, just cruise along and enjoy the scenery for a few minutes.

    The CX7 has been going through the same twisties, albeit much slower, and yet still managing to drift across both sides of the road on every curve. When the cager in the CX7 gets to the straight he decides that he's a racing driver, and accelerates to 20Kph above the legal limit (because he's an idiot who thinks he must be in front of everybody else).

    The Monster rider sees the CX7 coming and decides to do absolutely nothing about it. Of course he could stay out in front, but if he looks down to his left he gets a great view of a hot chick sunbaking topless in her backyard - why not go slow and enjoy it a bit longer? The 40Kph differential allows the CX7 to pass him.

    His view of sunbaking chick now obscured by trees, the Monster rider grabs the throttle and gets back up to the legal limit. The Monster overtakes the CX7 on the first curve they come to. The CX7 driver takes this as an insult to his (undersized) manliness and decides he must again overtake this bike. The Monster is 3Km ahead when the CX7 reaches the next curve and understeers off the road.
  10. I'd undertake like that too if a rider spilled some of their latte onto my new car...