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irrefutable proof that Hondas make you gay

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by RRdevil, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. FB_IMG_1429079062074. unnamed (34).
    Enough said Honda homos

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  2. Thank goodness you told me that Devil.

    Fortunately, I got rid of my Honda a few years ago.

    OTOH, I did acquire a scooter...pretty suss, I know.

    Oh wait....it's a Gilera.....oh dear. :-(
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  3. That hand looks photoshopped
  4. don't know how long this thread will last but well done devil man
  5. I thought it was well known that Rossi is gay? His partner being Alessio Salucci.
  6. is Alessio gay as well?
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  7. he likes men with small hands
    makes him look BIG
  8. When he was with honda, he was getting action. On Yamaha, well she'd rather touch her own head.
  9. Maybe shes from the Greek islands
  10. Linda Morselli is the girlfriend. Perhaps he swings both ways
  11. maybe just to disperse the truth
  12. Hang on il turn over and ask her
  13. To the point of having a child with her for the sake of hiding the truth. I think if he came out he would be even more popular. But that's not taking away from the fact Hondas make people gay
  14. Elton John had a wife for a week or two didn't he and Freddy Mercury had a girfriend for a while, doesn't mean much.
  15. They have been known to do that
  16. its like
    any port in a storm
  17. They should rename Honda to Libra
  18. It feels like time to dust down a very old joke and give it an airing.

    Why are Hondas called sanitary pads?
    Because there's a wing on either side and a **** in the middle.

    Thank you and goodnight.
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  19. Well, that makes me view goldwings in a whole new light.
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