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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aaahhh, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I was talking to a mate the other day and mentioned I just got my Licence and purchased a motorbike. He said, man, be careful. Those things are dangerous. I rang him initially to see how he was recovering after cutting is thumb clean off with a circular saw while he was doing house renovations.
    Interesting when I hear someone mention they are doing House renno's I never respond with, wow man, be careful. Say the words ride motorcycle the first response is "be careful". I saw the irony........

  2. Ride safe.

    Left glove first.
  3. That's it - I'm returning the circular saw I just bought. How would I operate the hi beam without a thumb? Just not worth the risk.
  4. You 'saw' the irony? ...oh the irony! :p

  5. Without your thumb your posts wouldnt make any sense. It would be like:

    "That'sit-I'mreturningthecircularsawIjustbought.HowwouldIoperatethehibeam withoutathumb?Justnotworththerisk".
  6. Ha, used to have a group of guys that worked for me doing picture framing, we had double mitre saws, guillotines, presses, pneumatic nail guns, drivers that could potentially send v nails clean through bones, oversize sheets of glass etc. Basically an all round dangerous place that attracted one of the highest levels of workers comp insurance premiums. Where was all the blood spilt? in kitchen cutting up lunch.
  7. ...It's a black fly in your Chardonnay...:wink:
  8. Play of the day. That's GOLD!!!
  9. I'm constantly amazed in this day and age that anybody can buy a circular saw or angle grinder.

  10. "It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife"
  11. [​IMG]

    'Other' body parts??? i don't want to think about it.


    Now that's just taking practical jokes on apprentices too far.
  12. oh yeah for sure. Google + Nailgun = Hours of entertainment.

    I was first introduced to the hilarity of nail guns on a building site years ago. A young builder shot a nail through both of his fingers joining them together. Rather than risk the embarrassment of telling anybody and getting some help, we found him trying to remove it with a claw hammer. Only problem is nail gun nails have a glue on the end of them, which when shot into something (oh I dunno, let's say for arguments sake someone's fingers) heats up and cures immediately. Anyway, he had a nice couple of days off so there's a happy ending.
  13. I'm constantly tempted to buy up a big stock and bury them somewhere. The range of risky things that the public can buy is slowly but inexorably decreasing.
  14. I can see merit in requiring a course in basic safe use of them. An hour or two should be enough for someone to learn that a cracked disk (for an angle grinder) can break apart when its spinning really fast, resulting in chunks of hard stuff flying off at great speed, that there are cutting disks and grinding disks, and one should not be substituted for the other, etc. As long as it isn't used to prevent people from buying the tool, I don't see it as too big a problem.

    'Course, politicians probably wouldn't do it right :-/.
  15. Dont you know that speed Kills!!!
  16. ..motorbikes will be next!!.... :bolt:
  17. Mate that kind of thinking is going to see me have my toothbrush taken off me cos i stabbed myself in the gum with it this morning. Serious question, where does it end?

    Because I'm of the opinion you can't legislate against pain and suffering that life brings, and you can't legislate against stupidity because the inbreeders will always build a better stupid.

    So i'd prefer if do gooders kept out of my business and let me get on with my life and making decisions for myself. And if I want to pick up a nail gun and shoot myself with it, then let my stupidity serve as a warning to others. After all, that's what the internet is really for.

  18. I've already thought of that. Over the next ten years I'll being buying a ratbike and putting it on ice for the future. So when the only option is to buy a POS safety laden speed limited expensive piece of junk that's more 'safe' than 'fun', I'll have the ultimate stealth machine for black runs ;)

    [edit] oh, and the bronze will have to catch me if they can.