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Ironwoman + scooter + squid = ouch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Read this in todays Telegraph.
    I dont want this turning into a ATGATT thread :p
    Kristy may be an Ironwoman, but her skin sure isn't !

    IMO its just another case of scooter riders thinking they are special and therefore dont need to gear up in any way shape or form other than a helmet. :shock: :LOL:


  2. Pretty Stupid, given what she stands to loose in opportunities...let alone the pain and suffering...shish!
    More than halfr of the scooter riders I see around Melbourne seem to think they are in the french riviera. (of course...skin comes off just as easily there as well, I'm told) :LOL:
  3. :roll: Nope.
  4. Yeah, she should have been geared up.

    I'm one of the few few few scooter riders that gears up and wears proper gear. Actualy I don't see many motorbike riders doing the right thing either. But this is about scooter ridrs isnt it. :p
  5. Strange choice of word, almost implies scooters are there to be knocked down.....
  6. Aren't they? :grin: .

    Seriously though, I've no problem with people squidding, but when your body's your main asset you should look after it better.

    And I find it hard not to take some satisfaction in the fact that I'm an unfit old git with a couple of decades of evil living behind me but I've still got (nearly) all my skin.
  7. Just a question.

    Where does it say she had no gear on or is it being assumed?

    I have seen many people suffer grazes and cuts (some requiring stitches) whilst wearing gear, although I readily admit the damage occurs far more frequently if no gear is worn.

    That said, if she had no gear on than I hope that a lesson is learnt by her and those that know her.

  8. Hopefully this will make her a huge advocate for protective clothing on any kind of motor vehicle! DOH!
  9. sports persons aren't generally known for there brains.
  10. Indeed. I doubt they could even string together a grammatically correct sentence. :p
  11. what can i say i played rep footy and ran for my state, it just prooves my point :p
  12. I just shake my head these days when i see anyone squidding - especially the apparently "accident immune" scooter commuters...Mustnt be part of "the look" to have an ugly jacket and boots eh?! I learnt my lesson back in the day - I guess they all have luck on their side
  13. Some of the women Ive dated didn't seem mind a bit of gravel rash on the Knees :LOL:
  14. You don't get gravel rash to the extent described if you're wearing sensible gear. Even jeans and a denim jacket will give you more protection than that at urban speeds (yes I do speak from experience).

    There is also the circumstantial evidence of "on the way home from training". I doubt if there's much kevlar in her working clothes. Yes I know she could have geared up afterwards, but, let's face it, the majority of scooter commuters don't.
  15. pulled up next to a scooter rider wearing thongs and had her half face helmet undone. i wonder if they get a discount when they buy the scooter if they trade in half/all their brain?
  16. if your on ANYTHING where your body can get damaged then its important to wear the right gear.

    if you where a skate boarder you would wear knee pads and elbow pads to protect what can get hurt.

    Just because your on a scooter does not mean you are any diffrent.
  17. Showin' off her pretty body on bike can ruin them both.
  18. ignorant, overconfident and undertrained.

    Change any one of them and you'll live to see another day. Change all three and you'll probably die in your sleep one day at the age of 130.
  19. Wah Wah Wah :roll: