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Ironic near death experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. as you all know, every day some wanker will change lanes without looking & nearly hit you. because you expect it, when it happens you are ready to either a) accelerate away from the dickhead for b) break hard & fall in behind them.

    Well last week I had a very ironic experience. I was in the left lane where traffic was moving faster & was passing a ute that was in the right lane (that lane was almost stopped) when suddenly the ute decided he didn't want to be in the slow lane & changed lanes without indicating etc. I couldn't accelerate away so it was on to the breaks & i simply let him in.

    As I pulled up behind him I noticed the writing on the back of the ute......

    "Smith & Son Memorial Headstones"

  2. Thats how he gets his business :LOL: did he have a few motorcycle stamps on his door for all his victims :shock: sometimes life just to f n weird man
  3. Maybe the boss told him business was slow and to go out and drum up some business...... :LOL:
  4. Pity you weren't driving a truck with a bull bar
  5. Reminds me of Sydney when i was badly tailgated by an off duty ambulance :(
  6. Maybe the ambulance was also out there to drum up some business like the headstones guy.

    Business must be slow for for these guys.
  7. After having one of those thrust infront of me at about 60km/h by a right turning truck (who thankfully realised they'd stuffed up soon enough) I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.
  8. I'm with rourkster; his business must be slow :LOL:

    Despite all the safety messages, people are just not motorcycle aware....
  9. thats a minor understatement hornet. i remember a few years back there used to be ads onb tv with doug mulray telling everyone to look for bikes etc.. nowadays, all i see is a couple of big signs on the side of highways saying "think motorcycle."

    personally, i think the problemn is that it isnt coming from the riders perspective. the people that make the ads obviously never rode (except doug) i think if we as riders showed everyone how it was from our perspective, then maybe people might pay attention.

    also, im thinking of geting a big sticker made up for the back window of my car
    "look for motorcycles" or somethign like, at least then i can say im doing my bit even when im not on the bike.

    /threadjacking. sorry edglett.

    i think in a situation like that, all you can do is shake your head and laugh about it isnt it.. i guess it could have been worse though.. maybe a herse, or and abotoirs meat wagon lol.
  10. Saw the thread title and thought you where talking about English Rugby
  11. :cry: yes, Don, we're filled with sympathy :cry:
  12. I reckon people just aren't aware period, not just of bikes. How often have you had another vehicle move over on you when driving a car, happens to me at least twice a week and I drive a car with the headlights on even in daylight so should stick out a bit in traffic :wink:

    Being on a bike and a lot smaller than most other vehicles makes you even harder to see but doesn't excuse not being seen.

    Mind you when I was younger (& sillier) I used to dive down the left lane at speed if the right lane was stopped at the lights but years of experience and a few near misses have taught me to slow down, you need to be careful when driving past a traffic queue.

    Remember the first thing your told in most defensive driving & riding courses "treat every other road user like they are a complete idiot".