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Ironic Curiosity or ... ? "MotoGP" plates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mendosi, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. So I'm driving from work to my Tuesday evening activity today and I see something which seems a little curious: number plates (Qld) which read MOTOGP but they're on a car.
    This was in Ashgrove.

    Anyone around here?

    Alternately, I guess there might be people around that take vicarious pleasure from watching motorbike racing but don't ride.
  2. Perhaps he's a doctor who races. :)
  3. Plenty of NRs have cars. A surprising number (surprised me anyway) have cars flash enough to justify fancy plates.
  4. Can you get a 6 letter plate on a bike? All I can remember seeing is 5, leaving it free for someones car.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  5. i think its 6

    motogp would actually work on a bike, maybe, if you were fast enough
    the only one i can come up with that would be any good is:


    very apt, actually i think all personalised plates say that don't they?
  6. In WA I'm pretty certain we can have at least seven. I knew a bloke who tried to get 3SUMXTC for his Street Triple but it was knocked back for being "indecent" rather than too many characters.

    Standard is six BTW.
  7. roflmao.

    I've noticed that to!

    Who would want a number plate that the cops can remember at a glance!
    Hi occifer, yep it's me again - TEABAG.
  8. Could just MOTOG and put a P-plate on the right hand side ;)
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  9. I used to see a cool classic duke on old road with the plate 500GP, always thought that was cool
  10. My mates GF has those plates lol... 78AGS - T BAGS

    My missus use to ride a VT250 Spada. I was going to get her the plates DIS15 - THIS IS.

    DIS 15 SPADA! lol
  11. qld can only have 5 letters on a motorcyle plate from memory. sucks, cause I wanted a 6 letter plate.