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Iron-man? Pfft, Iron-man Is For Girls

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by alexjkoro, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/archive/2000/12/14/Lancashire+Archive/6053583.DECAMAN__The_Iron_Man/

    DECAMAN: The Iron Man

    FANCY swimming the Channel, cycling the length of the country and then running from Bolton to Brighton?
    If by some miracle the answer is yes, then go and see Shaun Babar.
    The amazing 27-year-old from Horwich is training to compete in the ultimate endurance test - the Decaman.
    Competitors have to swim 24 miles, cycle 1,120 miles and then run a further 262 miles.
    The record is EIGHT DAYS six minutes!
    To win it, you have to limit yourself to 90 minutes sleep a night.
    People who take part are so physically exhausted they need a full year to recover.
    And yet Shaun wants to do it.
    "My mates call me a nutter and a psychopath. I've been called everything but it's something I want to do." he admitted.
    "It's held in Mexico every November and I will compete within the next three years. I'm building my whole career towards completing it because once you do it, that's it. I want to be the first Englishman to win it."
    Shaun, who was recently chosen as the face of Bolton Arena because of his athletics achievements, is so fit he runs a marathon every single day.
    He works at Halford's in Bury and runs from his Horwich home 13 miles there and 13 miles back.
    At the moment he competes in iron man triathlons and will continue to do so for at least another two years to build his strength up.
    In April he is entering a challenge in Sheffield where competitors have to run for six hours with the winner the one who covers the most distance. Shaun reckons 45 miles will win it.
    Then in September he takes part in an ironman contest at the Scottish National Championships.
    But it is all building towards the big one ... the Decaman.
    "Even though people think I'm a nutcase I'm really looking forward to doing it," insisted Shaun. "There's nothing else like it. It is the ultimate test. The only thing you could do after this is become a space astronaut or something."
    As well as the physical training, Shaun is preparing for the Decaman by speaking to some men who've already taken part in it.
    And though what he found out would make normal people think twice about ever attempting it, Shaun doesn't seem to have been put off.
    "I was talking to an Australian guy who did it and came fifth," he said. "He has had to have a year's complete rest since. He's had every infection under the sun, flu, colds, bugs of every sort. It just knocks you for six."
  2. ill wait for the movie
  3. There must be something wrong with people to take exercise to the point of doing more harm than good.

    I'd rather just sit on the couch with a bag of chips and a beer. It's a lot easier, and probably less likely to kill me.
  4. This. I've seen runners with huge beefy legs, while the rest of them was gaunt, withered, no body fat at all, nearly no muscle and with leathery, sun damaged skin. The hell is wrong with these people? That is NOT healthy!

    Huge ass body builders can't be doing themselves many favours either.
  5. Well, here in Australia we're not such softies.

    Personally I swim across the Tasman, cycle from Brisbane to Perth and then run up to Broome.

    Every day

    Before breakfast

    CONTENT ADVISORY WARNING: post may contain hyperbole and/or exaggeration. Viewer discretion is advised.
  6. Even the not so huge ones can be a worry. I worked with a guy who was just getting into serious bodybuilding who's diet consisted pretty much of just porridge or rice (which he hated) combined with a staggering assortment of pills and powders from the local bodybuilding shop.

    Having looked at the ingredients in some of those products there's no way that can be healthy long-term. Especially not compared with just eating actual food, and not trying to chase some ridiculously low and unsustainable body fat percentage.
  7. Is that why you're a scientist? (assuming you are judging from your posts :p)
  8. Some of us scientists do exercise occasionally :p.
    There's just a lot of other things I'd rather do with a spare 2-3 hours than run a marathon.
  9. I just don't get why "being healthy to prolong my life" at the expense of being obsessed to the point of being miserable all the freakin' time is a worthwhile thing. If anyone can enlighten me, please do.
  10. Hahaha...I understand where you're coming from.
  11. Much like riding, exercise makes you feel good and hence is addictive. Ever tried to talk to an exercise freak on a day they didn't get a chance to do any? On par with a years worth of a mother's pms compounded into a day.