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Iron Maiden Tour

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. If anyone's going to see Iron Maiden over the next few days, I can assure you that you've not wasted your money. I just saw them at Burswood last night and they were


    At least as good as when I last saw 'em back in '86.

    Mrs Pat and meself took the small person along to her first big (or any sized really) concert. Eyes like saucers the whole time (and ears full of earplugs too, before anyone calls us irresponsible with our daughter's hearing).

    A thoroughly good night out.

    And I've just realised that I must be getting old if I can use a phrase like "back in '86" :? .
  2. Fan-cockin'-tastic: I'm going next week in Brisbane and I'm excited as! Got great seats as close to the stage as it's possible to get and still sit (too old for the pit these days :p) Gonna be amazing. Last saw them in '85. 23 years ago. Fair bit of water under the bridge since then...
  3. No more love for the mighty Irons? Can. Not. Wait.
  4. I'm going this Saturday with some mates and the girlfriend!

    Should be unreal! We're going to watch chunks of Rock In Rio and have drinks beforehand at my place.

    'S gunna be ace!
  5. lolz i dont even know what or who they are..

  6. Kids these days...
  7. break out the patched denim!


    note: ^^NOT me!

    not sure if it applies to this wknd gig. something to be mindful of, though:

    i'll hear how it went on monday from a work colleague, who is tragically trapped in the 80s!

    RAWK ON!!!

  8.  Top
  9. * run for the hillssssssssssss*
  10. They even flew in on their own private Boeing 757
  11. I'm going tonigt!!

    Fear of the Dark BABY!!
  12. Shouldn't that be TO?

    I hate you all anyway. I'm working all weekend and won't get to go. I missed Dream Theatre too.


    Still, I got to do this not so long ago:


    That's me on the right (obviously).

  13. This Maiden tour has been effing phenomenal!!! I first remember getting into Iron Maiden when I was 6 years old, listening to my Dad's old cassette of The Number of The Beast in the Holden. 22 years later and I finally get to see them in the flesh. Jeez they're good!

    The Melbourne concert blew me away, then I took the bike on a wee excursion the next morning to Sydney and saw them play to 22,000 amazingly loud fans!! Then last night I flew to Brissy and got ridiculously dehydrated in a killer-death-pit-o'-mosh!

    And at every gig they've promised with growing certainty that they're coming back real soon. Yay! Another road trip!
  14. Fan-cocking-tastic show last night. There's a few photos on my blog, and there'll be a fuller review there tonight.