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Iron Butt Association - FarRiders Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by joetdm, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Firstly, I haven't made it [VIC] or anything else as this is really opened to the whole country.

    Now why is this ride really starting to grow on me!
    FarRide Series #14 "Bemm River, Victoria"

    You can look around their web site for details on what they do.
    Basic idea is to ride 1,000K minimum in 24hours so I gathered an early start down prom on way to Bemm River for lunch would get more than half the k's in the bank.
    Possible Option

    I must be going mad!
    Then again, direct Syd-Melb via coast in the middle of winter would suggest I'm already mad.....](*,)

  2. Sat 9th October. I'll be up for that if I'm free. I'll do a straightforward 500km route down the South Gippsland Highway both there and back. I don't fancy doing 626km before 11:30am. Prefer a more even split.
  3. You got the bug BAD there Joe. Do it son!
  4. I'd be up for this ! Even on something as 'comfortable' as the Gixxer !
    However, good ol' Murphy has done it to me again - Working that day (@%#^* !!!!!)
    That is an awesome ride, Joe - best of luck and have fun if you participate (y)
  5. Thinking of which route to take....
    Someone's heading out really early to Bright over Hotham, Omeo then Bairnsdale to Bemm River then back to Melb via Princess Hwy which seem like a good option to me..
    Maybe out over Hotham and back vie Sth Gippsland.
    That will make it well over 1000K. Awsome!
    Suppose that'll depend on the expected forecast at Hotham for that weekend..
  6. Ok I'm convinced, Hotham is just too appealing to leave out!
    I'm hopeing that all will be good to ride through Great Alpine Road on the 9th Oct for this ride.
    I will be well prepared with gear for all occasions!
    This is the route I'm deciding to take...
    Melb-Mt Hotham-Bemm River-Wonthaggi Loop

    Real early 3AMish start as need to be in Bemm River before 12PM
    I can't stop thinking of all the additional gravel roads I can take when I finally get my V strom after restrictions...:D
  7. I'm out Joe due to the Melbourne marathon.
    Have fun.
  8. one thing to note guys, to be official, you have to regtister and there are rools aobut proving start times etc, click joes link for details.......
  9. I did this last year on my 2001 gixxer 1000.. For those that haven't done it and intend too, make sure you read the rules on the website.. I left at 3am and was home at 9pm.. You need to allow about 90-120 mins for lunch, even longer if it's a big turnout. Ideally you want to do as many k's as possible before lunch, because once you've had lunch the desire to ride long distances does go away.

    To all those giving this a go, have a fun and safe ride..
  10. Looks like 75 bikes so far....
    One bloke from Alabama?? Must be here on holidays..
  11. +1 if youve had a big lunch its harder to do big km, eat light. Im planning to leave at 3am travel 691km to the meet point @ 11:30am
  12. Signed up for our first fariders.

    Sad thing is being in gippsalnd we are already half way to Bemm river (from Melbourne) so have to head away to get the K's in.

    Setting off Friday night via healsville - eruoa to bright then from bright early next day to get to Bemm river, then just 2-3 hours to get home.

    At least we get to tick off The Great alpine road from our motorbike bucket list.

    Anybody else coming through bright Saturday morning let us know.

  13. Joe Delosa and I will be going through bright between 6am and 6:30am on saturday morning......

    frost is expected up at hotham that morning, so leaVe yourself plent of time to get to bemm river

  14. Hmm, weather's getting better the closer we get to Sat...
    It'll be sunny but Hotham is still expecting a low of -3...
    Looks like it'll be removable layers on until we get over the mountain.
    Should still be plenty of snow around for a couple of quick nice shots with the bikes in the foreground...

    Can't wait!
  15. Thanks for this link Joe. Been thinking about it for awhile now since you first posted. I finally decided when my house mate asked "why not?", and I didn't have a reply. After all, I had been going circles around Canberra ever since I got back to riding recently after a long break. This will be a bigger circle! Now to do some planning... :D

  16. Thanks Ozjohnno.
    Anybody know of any cheap(budget) accomadation in or around bright. Just a simple pub/motel room would do as we are getting there late and leaving early.

  17. Two places I usually stay at while in Bright is either Willow Dene or the Coach House Inn. (easily found on the net)
    There are a bucket load of places there though....
  18. Thanks Joey 'roo bait' delosa for a great day. It takes someone who is really keen to meet you onthe boronia road on ramp at 2:30am.

    it all got a bit much for me though latter in the arvo as I have a nanna nap at the orbost rest area cause I started having micro sleeps..... not good in a car, let alone a bike. woke up an hour later refreshed for the ride home

    mission accomplished folks, the ride up over hotham to omeo and down the great alpine road was one out of the box with none of the nasties we were expecting (ie frosty roads)

    the local fauna was a little too friendly though eh Joe??


    P.S. googly maps had me at 1094km for the day...... how did you go guys ??
  19. Must admit, awsome day.

    From my facebook status:
    Wow, big moto day but in a nutshell, over 1100K, saw 2 shooting starts, around 2 degrees at dawn (brrr), encountered skippy just before Harrietville (grrr), bugs on visor, still snow top of Hotham, bugs on visor, amazing road ride between Omeo-Bairnsdale, bugs on visor, 80 odd amazing bikes at Bemm River, bugs on visor, finished via Cockatoo, oh yeah did I say bugs on visor!


    It was finally daylight at this stage so stupid me was thinking we got through the night with only one dead roo roadside, and either a fox or some huge hare running across but ahead of us.
    BUT, was behind Johnno just before Harrietville when skippy farken came from no where!
    What happen & reactions in order.
    1. Oh F&CK, a roo! (from my right)
    2. Slam brakes, but he takes one hop away.
    3. Back on throttle to get past but next hop towards me again.
    4. Oh F&CK AGAIN!
    5. I knock him with my right hip hardish but then his next hop is away and moves on.
    6. How the F&CK I got away with that I have no idea! Talk about lucky...

    Worst part was it happened at Harrietville, the incident played around in my head just as we started heading up.
    Twas a bit nervy until after lunch..
    No damage and I stayed upright so best outcome I say.....

    Couple of photos from the day.
  20. Well done guys ! Joe, glad your 'acquaintance' with the roo was of a not-too-detrimental nature ! Very lucky indeed.
    A solid effort, distance-wise and great pics also (y)