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Iron 883

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Im looking at an HD Iron 883 for my next bike. Im currently on a Suzuki VL250.

    I wanted to get opinions on the IRON 883.
    Do you like the look?
    Have you riden one before?
    General thoughts?

    (No harley bashing please)

  2. Nah get the forty five, much better, 883 is cheaply made
  3. But, the iron 883 is only 14k :p

    45 is 18k
  4. the 883 is an okay bike ... But in saying that u can buy a jap cruiser 1600cc for cheaper.. more horsepower more reliably... dont forget your going to be paying for the NAME .... i would look at the Kawasaki Mean Streak of the Yamaha Road Warrior....... as GOZ said the 45 is alot better
  5. I know im paying for the name...

    I want it in and around my face.

    Also i hate jap cruisers.
  6. Trust me, spend the extra 4k
  7. i would keep saving ya dollars and get the 45.... u will get sick of the 883 pretty quick.. and the money you spend on the mods to make it go faster will be the equlivent of the 45 price anyway...
  8. You can buy the bolt on conversion kit to turn an iron 883 into the sportster 1200
  9. Ok you seem to have made up your mind on what u want and don't require our thoughts
  10. Owwweee Goz!
    Its not like that!

    Go on, Sell me the 45. Why would i want it over the iron 883?
  11. Take both for a test ride and ask yourself the same question...
  12. Am I the only one who's noticed we are talking about a 45 (ie WLA vintage)?

    I'm assuming you mean the 48 Sportster?

    IMHO go the 48 for the $4k extra. If you're set on an 883 buy second hand - can get em pretty cheap with the usual mods already done and save yourself some $$

    Or I could sell you my VRod for a few more......
  13. Vrod for sure all the way
  14. but beware it's not the $7-800 conversion that many would have you believe. To make the 883 a 1200 you need to upgrade the fuel and electrics and get a bit of head work done. If you can do the labour yourself your probably looking at closer to $1500 and $2500+ if you get someone else to do it.

    Then you must consider that in Aus people will treat it like it's got leprosy come trade in time.

    Personally if I was planning to do the upgrade form the get go, I'd go a second hand 883 rather than a new Iron.

    Of all the sportsters in the new and recent second hand hardley lineup the iron represents the least value for money.
  15. Hmm Fair enough.... Maybe the bigger one is the go then....

    Anyone got a spare 18k?
  16. If you don't like the Japs, for right or wrong, keep an eye on Triumphs too. They have a similar brand pride thing happening if that's your thing and are also good kit.
  17. I do love triumphs too but the price is a bit higher
  18. i've ridden one.

    why would you downgrade from a VL 2fiddy.
    less power to weight
  19. Are you shitting me?

    Are you saying that the IRON 883 has worse acceleration than my slowtorbike?
  20. ok, so i just figured out the VL is a cruiser.
    after owning a cruiser you want to by another cruiser ??????

    so your VL 2fiddy is no speed demon. (a 2fiddy ninja would shit all over the 883 iron.)

    so anyway you've got about 18 killerwasps weighing in dry 143kg

    iron is supposedly 38 killerwasps (I ****ING DOUBT IT) weighing in 235kg

    probably a pretty close match in performance. iron wil give you a slight edge with more low torque
    so i was wrong.

    fascinating though, just how superior jap bikes are to american crap