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iRobot Roomba 577/530 (Automatic vacuum)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hi all!

    Just wondering if anybody knows much about these vacuums or has any experience with them?

    They are the robot vacuums and can be seen here

    Any opinion or advice on this too good to be true gadget?

    Looking into getting one; but need more info on them...

  2. Is it so hard to just vacuum by hand?

    I'd smash this thing within 20mins of it getting under my feet. :?

    That's just me though. ;)
  3. Lol, no not really. Just that I came across this vacuum by total mistake whilst looking for a new one; and it looked promising and thus thought I'd find out more about it
  4. I wouldn't get sucked in if I were you....
  5. Keep it clean...

  6. Having 5 cats, I think this thing might be useful. If my house wasn't such a tip because I have 5 cats.........
  7. Lol, true Paul...
    Thats the thing it sounds too good 2 b tru...
  8. There is a special model that deals better with pet hair. It has a larger bin for the crud that gets vacuumed up.

    We have one, and it is awesome. There was a problem with the brush unit, but they replaced it under warranty within a day or two.

    You have to clean the brushes and empty the little bin after each use, but it takes much less time than vacuuming by hand. And the floor is remarkably clean after the roomba has done its thing. If you run it a couple of times a week you'll spend less time cleaning it I reckon. We tend to run it once a week, and each time I think to myself that I should do it more often. (It's kinda scary how much stuff it picks up from a floor that looks clean!)

    It does mean that you need to keep the floor tidy though. It will eat ipod earphones if you leave them lying around. (As one of the guys at work found out!)
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  10. i have the 560 , and am impressed.

    Sister thought it was gimicy , so i left it over there for 2 days, and she now is converted, to wanting one. Same with my room mate. I wouldn't buy direct from australia, as the $600 RRP is a bit steep , Could import from US and do a 110 to 240 convertion.

    He does his schedule cleaning 3 times a week when no one is home, and floors look great and saves me an hour or 2 a week , so , it adds up. That plus i hate vacuuming.
  11. I'm curious about these - don't think we could keep our place tidy enough for it though.

    The dogs would go mental - the Heeler tries to attack the normal vacuum now, and the Cocker would be completely freaked out. Would be highly entertaining.
  12. pitty ya not in brissy , or i say swing past, and borrow it for a night, and see what happens.

    As per pets freaking out , sister has a bird, and for the first 10 minutes, was nervious but in the end it calmed down and didnt care.
  13. The feedback on this vacuum has been so divided; I was confused with what to do.
    I must say it seems like a love hate relationship, its either loved or hated.
    No-one I have spoken to is in between lol...

    Anyways I ended up buying a different vacuum, in the end a couple of people in this house have asthma too; so we thought it may be better to stick with the more conventional system.

    Thanks all for the advice and help, maybe down the track I may invest in one, but at present still not quite up to dropping the dosh on this Vac yet
  14. Thanks for the thought anyway benjamin78au!