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Irishman's GSXR 750 :D

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Irish_, May 9, 2011.

  1. Got this on Saturday.

    05 GSXR 750, 20th Anniversary Edition.

    22K on the clock. Smick condition. $8K. Very happy with it.
    Pickup it hopefully sometime this week, if bank gets the monies across in time.






    Once I get the bike, I'll post up some more pictures.
  2. Awesome ! Looks like it'll be a load of 'wheelie' good fun (y)
    Congrats mate !
  3. Nice bike mate, congrats. A friend of mine has one like that, I've ridden it a few times, awesome.... Enjoy.
  4. very clean looking
  5. Looks great, is there anything different aside from the logo thing on the exhaust for the 20th birthday?
  6. Cheers guys.

    Sorry for the rather short opening post. Was at work, but couldn't wait to share ;)

    Other then some paintwork and cosmetic, and an embossed plate with the number it was off the production line, nothing else is much different. From wiki:

    Besides changing color on the motorcycle, suzuki celebrated their 20th anniversary by launching the suzuki 20th anniversary gsxr 750, which included a custom paint, custom exhaust and sunex brake rotors.... Ek blue chain, blue seat and 20th anniversary placards

    I will admit, I'm not too sure about the blue chain...
  7. Looks great, congrats!
  8. another Spewzuki :)

    Congrats bud
  9. Great Bike,

    I have been watching one of these myself but its dearer and has less K's but 8k is a steal for that bike.
    Being limited edition it should become a collector's item later too.

    Cheers Paul.
  10. I've seen this one for sale, great job mate, fantastic bike!
  11. Perhaps the colour scheme?
  12. this is from gympie? was looking at it but ended up with a 07 gsxr 750 that i'm hopefully getting tomorrow
  13. Yup, from Gympie. fingers crossed, picking it up tomorrow from Nudgee. Free delivery to Greater Brisbane area, so cant complain.

    Was looking at other bikes, but this one appealed to me on price and its condition, as well as being a SE (hopefully keeps a bit more value as the years go by)

    Haggled a bit, and also got a discount for 2 year garage repairs.

    Swann insurance topped out at $860 as against $840 with Insure my Ride, but this included the agreed value of the bike (not market value, unlike IMR) and also included $3K valuables/gear, which was extra with IMR and other companies.

    Geez, I feel like a kid before christmas
  14. Well, here she is, home safe and sound.

    Replaced the rear seat with the cowl, as I'm still in the first year of my R's so cant 2up anyways.





    Loving the bike, even standing at 6"3, I can easily fit on it. Although it is not as flickable as the ZZr, it corners like its on rails. Maybe my suspension was not set up right on the ZZr, but always felt it understeered. Once you lean the Gixxer it just goes like it's in a barrel.

    Still getting used to the clutch. Very cautious of the throttle, but maybe a little too much, as coupled with sloooowly releasing the clutch, I've come close to stalling it a few times.

    Biggest change by far is highway riding. I'm used to judging my speed (and speed limit) by the noise of my revs and the twist of my wrist. Coming down the Gateway, thinking I'm just cruising, and looked down. 125Kph... Ooops.

  15. Great pics looks like she is in great nic.
    So did it come with the cowl?
    How are the brakes too are they touchy?
    Also how is the riding stance abit more lean compared to the zzr?

    Cheers Paul.
  16. Very nice. Wouldn't say no to one of them myself.

  17. Cheers guys.

    Yup. For whatever reason, the cowl has the most nicks on it. :-s

    I wouldnt say touchy, I would say very effective. Havent done my usual ebrake testing, but just from commuting I have no issues with them. Back brake does have a bit more travel in it until it engages.

    Definitely more lean. On the zzr, I felt I was behind the tank, maybe from being pretty tall. When riding, I felt I was following the handle bars. I was sort of 'following' the bike, if you know what I mean.
    On the Gixxer, I feel like im 'on' the bike, sort of 'over' the tank. When you lean, you really feel part of the process, not an addition. I'm still finding the ergonomically best point for me, so shifting around the seat, holding more with my legs on the tank, but yes, there is an increase in pressure on the wrists and at the base of my neck.

    Wouldnt trade it for the world.