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NSW Irish biker coming to NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by will26, May 17, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    New to the forum, hows things? I'm hoping to come to NSW this November and I'm looking to buy a motorbike and tour Oz for a year. I've got a full Irish license and wondering how I can use it over there? Basically in Ireland once you passed your test you are restricted to a bike of 25KW power or less for 2 years, so my Fazer 600 is restricted. Now I don't know if you guys have same deal over there? Does anyone have details with insurance? Would I even get insured (and not for an extortionate amount) over there?

    Thanks again, I'm counting down the days till I get there



  2. G'day Will

    For info about the licensing:

    And the motorcycle rider's handbook is here (pdf):

    Sounds to me you will be the equivalent of the P2 - so speed limited to 100, and a LAMS bike (max 660cc / power to weight ratio 150kw/tonne or less)

    Insurance is basically split into compulsory third party (CTP or Green Slip) which is renewed every year and stays with the bike on transfer of ownership. This covers injury to everyone else except you.

    You will also want to insure yourself, and if not the bike, then at least get third party property to cover yourself if you cause damage to property.

    You will need a Helmet with AS 1698 - now I think that will probably require you to buy a helmet here, but someone else might be able to confirm that.

    To get an idea of bike costs:


    That should be enough to get you started :)

  3. What just out of curiosity are the ramifications for a overseas rider riding above restrictions etc here, maybe insurance i could see, but fines , sure i'll fix them up from ireland snigger snigger, points on licence? wasnt that long ago we only started sending points between states surely his licence in ireland is in no danger? so if i was him and this could be blindingly terribly bad advice, usually is from me, but i'd just get the bike you want grab insurance at its most reasonable and enjoy the ride,
    edit:this is no piss take i'm genuinely interested to see if our fines driven governments can be screwed on even the smallest level.
    i also note the rta website page said r licence for overseas motorbikes no mention of restrictions so should be free to choose most bikes
  4. What part (city town county whatever) of Ireland are you from, Will?
  5. Go Home! :LOL: Na welcome mate, all the best :)
  6. Cheers bud :grin:

    Currently live in a town called Maynooth, about 25mins west of Dublin. Originally from a town called Tralee in the South, country/farmer land.

    I was looking on the RTA site aswell and it doesnt say anything about restrictions, so if I have the money a 03/04 Blade or a 02/03 VFR800 will be mine! But the real problem is insurance. I want at least the CTP with fire/theft/damage. Not just the one that comes with the Rego.

    But I dont know if it will cost a fortune or not!

    Thanks for the info mate, I'll be shipping my bike gear over to save some cash so I'm sure my helmet covers the same standards as over there.

    Only thing I really need to look at is insurance I reckon :?:

    Oh I'll be hopefully heading to Sydney for a month or two (nov/dev) then heading west, melbourne, adelaide, and making my way to WA, spend a few months there until the wet season is over and move north to darwin, cairns, brisbane, byron bay (love the place) and then sydney.........

    cheers lads,
  7. gotta have that sticker i think (AS1698 or whatever) on the helmet. :( we are sticklers for rules.....
  8. NSW FAIL!!

    Come to VIC, the roads are better, rego is cheaper (includes TAC cover if you come off and are up for a decent hospital stay) and insurance can be cheaper too.

    PS. I'm from Wicklow - been here for most of my life though.
  9. Hmm righto I'll check my helmet.

    Reason I'm going to NSW is coz a mate lives there and I can base myself there and have an address. But I intend to see VIC aswell!
    Wicklow is nice, but not as nice as the Blue Mountains.....

    That's jus twhat I wanted to hear, blade or viffer and I'll be a happy man. Last time I was in Oz I picked up this book, Australian Motorcycle Roads, or maps, something like that. This guy details loads of roads and places to see via motorbike. Great detailed maps with camping/eating/drinking info included. Looking forward to checking it all out. You guys are lucky with the roads, scenery and the weather!
  10. I got a spare sticker for ya mate, i took it off my old helmet :LOL: I'l post it up to ya when u arrive and u can stick it on ur current helmet. ul be rite then :wink: I do expect a beer posted back for my efforts though :LOL:
  11. Hehe that's perfect! Sure I'm sure I'll be passing through where you are on my travels, I'll buy ya a pint instead :cool:
  12. How about an $8 jug at my local bar :wink: Im sure ul be passing through, all you bloody tourists and backpackers come through my area 12 months of the year and what a great bunch of people you are :beer:
  13. The OP does mention he is restricted for 2 years. If it is noted on his lisence it may effect things.

    Either way contact a motoring association in Ireland. They will be able to provide a document that looks official enough to ward the cops off.

  14. OP wrote:

    from http://rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/visitorstonsw/overseaslicence.html

    and from the Motorcycle Riders' Handbook:

    What did you read?
  15. It reads to me that overseas motorcyclelicence holders will be treated as a nsw r class licence which is unrestricted. never says overseas riders face restrictions in my reading of it, This quote reads for overseas people "If you are a visiting motorcycle licence holder you may ride vehicles covered by a NSW class R rider licence"
    And this is for nsw riders, "New riders will have at least 36 months of experience before graduating to a full rider licence" which didnt even apply to me as a mature age rider i was on r class licence in 3 months
  16. And I went from L's to my full R licence in two and and a bit months... That's not really relevant as it requires holding an _Australian_ driver's licence.

    The RTA site is not very specific is it. The way I read it is it's all about equalivancy. I 'spose it all boils down to whether the OP's licence is endorsed. I'm guessing that it is... That is why I think he would be restricted. Perhaps the only way to know for sure would be to ask the RTA directly.

  17. Or just ride whatever he wants and use the infringement notices for toilet paper if he is ever caught short, whilst chuckling at the idea of a NSW bureaucracy unable to suspend his licence or enforce his fines with threats, oh to see a bureaucrat trying to work out how to suspend a irish licence for unpaid aussie speeding tickets
  18. My Mum came from Tralee I think, County Cork - she's a Gallagher -a very uncommon Irish name :p
  19. The risk here is two fold. It may cause problems getting back into Australia in future, but more importantly it puts at risk insurance payouts. An unlisenced rider provides the opportunity for an insurance company not to pay in the event of an accident.

    Also remember that the police can elect to charge him for a traffic offence rather than give him a ticket. So if he strikes a highway patrol officer who is not that busy and doesn't like bike riders or Irishmen, then he could spend a night in the cells and be required to attend court at a later date.
  20. Wet season? Wet season? What is this thing called wet season? I know of no such phenomenon? Sure a sprinkle or two to flush out the crocs, snakes, spiders, backpacker murderers and the likes.

    Seriously though, if you can find a way of getting north during the wet season you should do so. Spectacular is an understatement but IMHO bit boring during dry season. Enjoy your time in Oz