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Iridum Visor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ZXRpilot, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Whos got one and how durable are they, I've heard from a few people now that they scratch very easily. But I'd like a few more peoples opinions, cause I rekon they look great. Thanks

  2. I've got one that I tend to use on sunny days. They do keep the glare out. I have noticed a couple of small scratches. Generally, I take good care of my gear, to the point of carrying a cloth cover/bag on rides to use when I get off the bike.
    May be it is more noticeable because the iridium looks like a coating and contrasting when compared to the clear visors.
    There is a degree to which caged citizens flip out and don't stare at you when using an iridium visor. They seem to quickly look away.
  3. iridium visors scratch extremely easily.
  4. this is why i recently opted for a fogged visor instead... that and it was muchos cheaper :D
  5. irridium visors are great for day time and sunny days
    they do have downfalls though , i wear mine day and night , but it does hide stuff at night
    special when there are wet patchs on the road , in shadows etc so becarefull if you do a lot of night riding .

    they look so great at night , most people wont mess with me at night time when you pull up to give them a spraying.

    also very dangerous in country at night without help from street lights , you are nearly blind , so have a pair of clear safety googles (wrap around type from bunnings $5 )
    under your seat for when you get trapped .
  6. I like that idea. Good thinking.
    Thanks groberts03.
  7. wow clean bike man :D

    is iridum the one that changes levels of tinting?
  8. No, that's another sort of lense. You can buy spectacles with these types of lenses.
    Iridium looks like a one way mirror finish. It doesn't change its level of tinting with changes in light intensity.
  9. Aren't these polarised or polaroid lenses?
  10. Irridium visors are brilliant for when you get caught out in the dark.
    I used to ride with the irridium on all the time, I never had a problem with night time vision, might have had something to do with the Arai name on the visor.

    Scratch, shit yeah, very very easily. I had something spray onto the visor one rainy day and it ate the coating in spots. Rendered useless it was, only lasted 12 months.

    As groberts said, a pair of Uvex's under the seat is a clever move.

    Oh and Sue, no, polarised lenses are a different animal. They dont change in tint, spectacles do that and they are called "transition" lenses.
  11. I've found ive been able to keep mine pretty scratch free sofar (had it prolly 6months)

    You gotta be careful even cleaning bugs off them, the ol spit n wipe with a rag can scratch them its better taking the visor off and cleaning it under running water.

    Just on those transition lenses, you can get stick on covers that go over ur existing helmet visor, and this changes tint depending on how sunny (or not) it is - anybody used these before?
  12. I think I saw a transition Fogcity visor insert at the Bikemart night a few weeks ago.
  13. Don't wear a tinted visor if you are also wearing transition lenses in your glasses. Unfortunately the tinting effect of the visor cancels out the transition effect of the glasses.