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Iridium visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jbray, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I bought an iridium visor for my Shoei helmet (I think it's TR-Z). The visor says CX-1V as the model. It doesn't seem to be as reflective or chrome as I've seen others, in fact, you can barely tell it's an iridium visor, it just looks slightly reflective than a normal tinted visor. I wanted one that was more mirror like and silver looking, but looking through the drawer in Peter Stevens what I've got seems to be as reflective as it gets. Oh, and it's definitely the chrome one, not blue or gold.

    What's the deal here? Is it just the Shoei Iridium visors that are not very reflective and "cool" looking? Can you get aftermarket ones perhaps?

    A little disappointed.

  2. Where did you get it off? I'd go back to the store and ask them about it.
    Unless you've gotten it via mail or ebay or something...
  3. It was from Peter Stevens on Elizabeth. The sales guy just said they seem to come in batches and are slightly different each time, but that they weren't as silver or reflective as they used to be. This is also the second one I've got, the first had a defect with the tint, half of it looked like it hadn't stuck properly (like you see cheap tint in cars!). This one has a big sort of smiley face right in the centre. Think I'll be taking it back again today, as trivial as it seems. Not happy Jan. I think the problem is it says on the packet "Made in the USA", whereas the helmet itself says "Made in Japan" :/
  4. Buy a smoke visor instead. They will last much longer than irridium.

    One rainy day I copped a spray of something that was on the road, maybe diesel and it ate away at the irridium and the visor was useless.

    I placed it in the dishwasher to remove all of the irridium and now have myself a spare visor ;)