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Iridium Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have one ?

    Advantages / Disadvantages ?

    Are they made by the helmet manufacturer, or are they normally an after market item ?

    I have an Arai Condor helmet and was told that it would look great with one. Here's a pic ---> http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/product_images/condor_wing_black.jpg
  2. whats does an iridium visor do?
  3. I have one on my Shoei Diabolic 2, this one is actually made by Shoei though I think there are aftermarket ones available.
    Pro looks great, cuts glare but not too much light.
    cons expensive, tend to scratch easier.
  4. i would not waste my money on iridium visors, specially if you enjoy weekend riding through the twisites, after cleaning bugs off the visor, rock chips from the bike in front etc, visor will get scratched, the iridium will fade etc. I go through 1 to 2 visors a year, i just stick with light tinted one, I do have a fully tinted smoked visor, which i have on another helmet, but only wear it when i know it is gonna be sunny the whole day.
  5. I have a plain black arai condor which I put a silver iridium visor on (will post a pic and show if I can get technology to work) - and it went from looking ordinary to looking fan-bloody-tastic 8) I believe that arai make them but they do NOT meet the australian standard, so that is something to consider. Also no one can tell where you are looking, but if the school girls are crossing the road you have to make sure you dont turn your head following them or you spoil the nonchalant effect :shock:

    And sometimes miss the green light. :oops:
  6. Check out this thread for all the opinions of the pros & cons of the various tinted visors (styles & brands).


    The general concensus seems to be that the iridium ones look cool, but tend to scratch easier & more noticibly than the plain smoked ones. If you have a helmet brand that sells cheap visors id say buy whatever makes you happy; if on the other hand you have a Shoei; you probably already know visors are expensive buggers.

    ~$80 for a dark smoke tint
    ~$105-120 for an iridium

    edit: w00t! Post #50, now im a 'regular' as opposed to a stalker, i mean lurker.
  7. I was debating about an iridium v. tinted visor and asked a few people on the netrider site. I ended up getting a dark smoke tint visor for my black Shoei XR1000 - looks really good, it's scratch resistant apparently (unlike the iridiums). I had a look at the iridiums - they smudge really easy with fingerprints too.

    Got the tinted one for $60 in the end - Iridiums are about 100-120$
  8. thanks for this guys, I will go into a shop and ask them if they'd pop one in so I can see what it's like.

    I have to wear sunnies just about all the time. Luckily they fit in well inside the helmet, but tend to ride up a little.
  9. I've gone through iridim visors. Found them good but expensive & scratch easily.

    I've now gone back to the old smoke tint and found them just as good.
  10. I have 2 helmets - an M2R flip up jobbie and a Nitro full face. Both have irridium lenses. They do scratch easy and are a tad pricey - though how much for a good pair of sunnies?? As an example I paid $30 for the nitro lens and $69 for the M2r lens - and these are pretty average -if not lower - helmets.
  11. I just bought a KBC tinted visor to stick on my, strangely enough, KBC TR-8 (I think?) and it's good shit, I'm not too tolerant of bright light but I'm happy with it, and I couldn't justify paying more for something that's easily scratched.

    A 'transition' type visor would be good, I've got dirt bike goggles that are transition ones, they rock.
  12. Todays discovery!

    Was cruising along at abt 100K behind a car and.......large tiptruck loaded with sand - spewing its content out. Overtake - you say - well it was a dual way lane - packed with traffic. Pull over and wait you say - well didn't think of that.

    So what progressed was me bobbing and weaving - takin a hell of a beating from this sand blaster till finally there was a gap to over take. Gave the glorious finger sign and made my way home.

    On arrival - I had sand down my back - under my watch, behind the bikes windscreen?? and in my mouth.

    The point of this post - my sexy iridium visor - only used for the 2nd time (spare helmet) - has been sand blasted - kiss $70 goodbye. :x
  13. Well thats a little bit more industrious sort of testing than i would suggest; but hey... we can all learn from your mistakes now. :D

    'The lesson for today kiddies: don't follow behind trucks or semi-trailers! They drop stuff on the road, the spew stuff out the back, and they can stop ALOT faster than you can.'
  14. If a truck can stop quicker than you......you need new brakes :LOL:
  15. Have you ever seen a semi-trailer pull on the brakes hard?
    They stop quicker than i'd ever have expected; hence i make a habit of avoiding sitting behind them.

    No i dont really need new brakes, perhaps some new pads soon. I'm just too chicken to really pull the brakes on hard at high speeds. :LOL:
  16. i have to agree with koma ive driven HR's and without a load they will stop alot quicker than a car not to mention many have exhaust brakes meaning they can slow down quickly without the brake lights coming on
  17. I was thinking about getting a fancy visor on the next lid but now I rkn I'll just stick with the tinted.

    I dislike trucks that don't tidy/cover their loads :| I know it's not always possible but it's bloody annoying. Lost count of the windshield stars on the cage caused by trucks - not looking forward to taking a rock in the visor (I shift to the side of the road when I see a truck coming etc).
  18. It is illegal for them to not have their load covered. Should get his rego, have a whine, get a new visor out of them.

    Anyway, I have an iridum. I like it, that said, I need to get a new pair of riding sunnys, as both my pair are polarised, and it plays havok with the iridium tinting.
  19. I've got a gold Iridium on my Shoei XR1000 - great for bright days and looks cool. Does scratch and they are more obvious than the clear (never had a tinted) but I don't notice them from inside. Beats wearing sunnies underneath and dealing with less peripheral vision.

    It's genuine Shoei CX-IV, exceeds Z87.1/VESC-8 which I assume is the US standards, but didn't come with an AS sticker or anything, and is "not warranted shatterproof". Cost about $110 I think.

    Had an off with the last one and it got gouged but didn't crack or shatter, so that was a good sign. Also convinced me never to wear an open face lid, but that is a whole other massive irresolvable argument!
  20. You will find that probably the only helmet visor that is 'shatterproof' is the Shark helmet visors. I was talking to a accessories dealer just the other day about this topic. The Shark helmets have the thickest visors of any retailed (stock of course) helmet. They are 3mm thick perspex, and you can pull them off and bend them all around and they wont break stress or anything. They are just good shit.

    (buying shark for next helmet :D)