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iridium visor cleaning

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by shmee, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    Was just wondering what a good product is to clean an iridium visor?

  2. When I brought my Okley X-metal I also brought a cleaning pack, which has a mircofibre cloth and lens spray. The store person told me that I should not uses tissue and normal cloth as it will strach the tided blue lens, I have been using it on my Shark (blue) visor for awhile now and no problem.
  3. water and wiping it with your hand is the best bet.
  4. water and paper towel or a cloth, mate simple as that.

    Did all the way to and back from the GP at fuel stops.
  5. I use that meguiars detailing mist spray.. It cleans a puts a wax on it as well so when you do clean it the bugs and grime are easier to get off..
  6. i use water and an old (albeit clean) singlet.

    my mum told me to use a singlet (bonds) as it is alot softer then other materials.
  7. windex and a microfiber cleaning cloth

    or just servo water and paper towel when out on the road
  8. I use plexus and a soft cloth.. works a treat
  9. windex and one of those streakless glass cloths at home,

    on the road, paper towels and servo water
  10. Yup, Plexus works well :)
  11. Microfibre cloth. Don't use any sort of cleaner with alcohol - it'll strip the coating (I work with optometrists and they recommend ordinary hand soap for cleaning glasses).