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iridium spark plugs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by edgelett, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. questions - what makes them so awesome? what do they actually do to your bike??

    are they worth the extra cash?

  2. i think they are ment to last longer then the normal plugs
    but dont quote me on that one
  3. The advice I was given was that they last several times longer than normal plugs. And also that for the extra expense they were hardly worth bothering with unless your plan is to keep your current bike for the next 100,000km.
  4. aaah

    seems like they're not worth bothering with then.
  5. Brilliant marketing.
  6. I just saw the beautiful Iridium girls at the MotoGP and bought 4 new plugs on the spot. At the time I only had a v-twin...

    Is that Brilliant marketing Vic?
  7. Did you offer the girls a plug?

    *nyuk* *nyuk* *nyuk*
  8. I found also that because the metal is harder, they run a "race" tip rather than the std tip. These means they burn cleaner and don't foul as easy, eyt last as long or longer than std plugs. (this is the case with car versions). In my car, i used to go trhoughstd bosch plugs every 5k at least (plus fresh sets for special races), but iridiums are being replaced about every 25k. And because they are a race style electrode, they don't foul up like the std style plugs do.
  9. Smaller electrodes have a higher spark density without the same erosion you get on the basic metal plugs.

    If you take the plugs out to check em every x thousand km, then there is no point paying the money for them - you might as well put a new set in each time.

    If however (and this is mainly why they were made) getting to the plugs is a major PITA (eg rear bank of a transverse V6; camry anyone?) then you can save a bucket load of money by investing in a set of plugs that will not need to be changed as often.
  10. haha girls
    our only weekness they will make us buy us the most stupid of things that we will only need once or never use
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. What bonox said, on mine I have to take the whole radiator appart, disconnect all the hoses, flush the coolant and then it still a huge pain .
    Definitely something you would only want to do every 100000K

  12. My 2c:
    Iridium sparkplugs give you a stronger, cleaner spark. I found that installing them made my bike a little bit more responsive. Feels like it picks up the revs quicker. They last longer than normal plugs too.

    Personally, I think they 'feel' better - the bike feels more angry.
    Also, they dont last in a 2 stroke - too oily.
  13. Hey Tash, I felt the Hornet was a bit 'off song' and on the advice of a trusted expert I spent the 64 bucks and got iridium plugs. The difference is amazing. They are well worth the cost.
    {Then again, you're not going to be riding the Hornet for quite a while yet, are you (nudge nudge)}
  14. What bonox said - our Magna transverse V6 has them in the rear 3 because you need to take the manifold off to change them - service on them in the car is to change them at 105000km. My mechanic friend tells me that when he does change them in cars at that time, they look like they could go on as long again, so they must hold up pretty well.
  15. in my experience with performace cars they are not worth it
  16. Iridium tipped plugs were one of the best changes I made to my bike. Throttle response vastly improved and it runs harder the whole way thru the rev range. I get mine for $11 (they retail for about $20 - my mate is a mechanic and gets them at trade price for me) each and change them every 10000ks (every second oil change). I change standard ones every 5000ks. The extra expense is not a big deal, especially for hte improvement in for performance.
  17. Does anyone think i would notice a difference in the ZZR250?? I got a plug change coming up soon and was wondering if i should bother??
  18. I guess on smaller bikes it a feel good exercise...
  19. the biggest thing i think most people notice about going to new (iridium or whatever) plugs is just that - they are new. They never do a back to back test with ordinary and plat/iridium plugs - you are just seeing the effect of changing old worn out plugs with new ones.

    NR: not worth spending the money when a pair of $3 each plugs will do the job splendidly.
  20. Absolutely....and I've also noticed that properly gapping plugs seems to have gone out of fashion. Is this somehow not required with modern plugs, or have people just got lazy?