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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Does anyone use IRC? Just thought trying to get a few like minded people together to (idle? heh) on IRC. I sit on efnet as 'undinism' and on austnet servers as 'wazza' or 'waz|away'

  2. I used to use irc all the time and hung out on the F1 and Motorcycles site, but it just took up too much time and it basically ended up being an ignorance pooling session, so I quit.

    Still check in there from time to time, but too busy now.
  3. nope never used it, don't even know what it is
  4. There are numerous IRC channels on the oz.org network.

  5. Does netrider have an irc anywhere ??
  6. Apparently they decided to lay down there arms and live peacefully with the prodestants...What :?: Not the IRA :? What the fcuk is an IRC :? :?: :?:
  7. IRC is internet relay chat
    Live chatting with others.
    there are 3 main chat channels in oz.org
    all you need is a chat client like mirc

    Short instructions for connecting to IRC.... (thanks mouth)

    1. Download a client application

    2. Configure it to connect to an Oz.org IRC server

    We seem to use all 3 and are generally a friendly bunch.
    there are times though when no one is around but in the evenings there seems to be quite a bit of activity.
    We do tend to ignore wankers though so be friendly and TALK.
    Be aware that people of all ages are in these channels and some have been there for years so come in, introduce yourself and all will be good.

    we don't bite
  8. I'm used to being ignored. :oops: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. cheers mate.

    I use gaim it lets you use msn, yahoo, icq and irc (+ more) all at once, and its open.
  10. Really, I find KY jelly or vasoline works fine. :? :LOL:
  11. WTF????!!! Too fcuking hard. :?
  12. Dude, for someone who shares a houe with me, and is currenty sitting on the computer next to me (no whe're not gay, just 3 flatemates with 2 computers flipper), couldn't you at leat run a shit movie quote like that past me before posting on a public forum? :p :LOL:
  13. we'er not what now??
  14. Riding BMW's, We're not doing the BMW thing, just sharing a house with a psych nuse who for one reason or another doesn't ride a bike but will let me use his computer. 8)
  15. :shock: :shock: We don't need to hear what you and Egiste get up to at 3am :LOL:
  16. Mmmhmmmm, thats what you want us to think ;)
  17. Can we help it if you couldn't keep up?
    Would help if you didn't pronounce each word phonetically as you tried to keep up.

    :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Learning a new technology and typing? How can I be expected to do two things at once? :? :LOL:
  19. i think irc would be a good way of reducing the amount of bloated post on here. whether that would be good or bad i don't know.
  20. Yeah this thread is old but saves posting a new one.

    Me and a mate have set up a new chan in austnet.org for those who idle there.

    Only 2 regulars so far ... we all have to start somewhere :p...
    So yeh if you idle on austnet and don't want to idle on oz.org (i don't particularly mind, i'm willing to idle anywhere) then come join us.