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Iran Stunters

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by J_B, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. lol, thats so funny
  2. That pillion is very trusting! Especially of where the rider is putting his foot!
  3. I just boogered all aver my monitor when the guy lifted his leg up and gave his passenger the ol' arabian goggles. HILARIOUS!
  4. Almost pulled off the old "Side swiped by blue truck" at the end there as well!
  5. That's the middle east for you. I spent three months in Bahrain about a year ago and man, it was a circus on the roads. I thought about getting a bike because I was having withdrawal symptoms but thought better of it. There is no law on the roads over there and the biggest vehicle wins when it comes to who has right of way.

    It was so bad that when I departed and gave my deployment report to my boss, I made a point of asking for a bigger car(we had a Mazda 6) because all the locals with their Hummers and monster American 4WD trucks will run you over because size does matter. He didn't take my advice. Cost outweighed safety.
  6. that is hilarious!
  7. Great balance.
  8. That clip only plays the first 11 seconds then finishes and says "View again?" even after the full clip loads.
    Anyone else having that trouble?
  9. It played the whole video for me.
  10. haha yeah dude get ya arse out of my face.

    I cant believe how comfy and unpeturbed the pillion looks when sniffing butt crack.

    Class all the way .