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Iran cleric bans dog ownership

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. http://www.winnipegsun.com/news/world/2010/06/19/14447296.html

    There is only one thing sadder than hearing what a dipstick like this thinks and that is the knowledge that thousands will listen and take heed 8-[

    Gee I love religion ](*,)
  2. It's the consequences of a paramilitary state like Iran that will force people to take heed rather than willingly accept it.
  3. dogs are not rare in Iran, as the article states.
    they are kept for herding and fighting/betting.
    theres nothing new about this in Islam.. it's always been that way...they are not kept as pets...
    and Islam is not the only religion that dose'nt allow animals as pets, so the article is just a beat up on Islam for the sake of it.
    i'd say this cleric is more likely just trying to discourage gambling in his community... because if they're taking their dogs '"the the local park" it's so they can fight them and have a little wager...
    but fighting two dogs is also how they select for breeding in Iran...
    the role of the dog there is livestock guardian... they still have wolves in Iran.
    and it takes a pretty big, mean dog to stop the wolves from eating your goats.
  4. That should (but I bet it doesn't) put an end to THIS thread!
  5. End the thread?? It hasn't even started.....lol
    Oh well here goes.......

    Well reading between the lines, I'd say stupid clearic's decision on this so called fatwa has nothing to do with dog's being unclean but rather:

    If we do something in the west then it has to be banned.
    But are not most of these clerics SELF PROCLAIMED!
    Too many idiots in the world...
    And even dumber are those lemmings that follow....
  6. Calling someone a dog is an insult in most places/languages. Even in English, you son of a...

    So considering dogs to be unclean/bad is far from being unique to the Arabic regions of the world.

    That sounds probable. It would also mean that mentioning the 'west' would be more of a way to help convince people than an actual reason for the decision.

    Also worth noting is "..who carry dogs in their cars or take them to public parks can be stopped by police and fined. ". Not an outright ban of dogs, and people aren't going to be getting chucked in prisons over it. If an Australian government made a similar rule about pigs, how bothered would you be?
  7. Yeah, one of these are too unclean and some stupid religions (must be more than one I'm sure) say I'm offending someone, something, some rule......

    Then again, some countries have these on the main menu but I think I'll not name them......
    Cute arn't they?

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  8. why not? no different from eating beef or lamb.
  9. Agree, there's no difference and have no problem in what animal people eat...
    But would like to think we're intelligent enough to change the animal menu for those species driven to the point of extinction...
    We're all a part of the natural food chain....

    But don't think much of any religion telling me no dogs as pets on religious grounds.....
  10. I think cannibals are misunderstood people.
  11. Actually, there is. Cattle and sheep are herbivores, dogs like humans are omnivores. Eating omnivores is not a good thing.
  12. pigs are also omnivores and bacon is delicious
  13. Very sociable people though, always having someone over for dinner.
  14. bacon is indeed delicious.

    Originally Posted by Lilley
    "why not? no different from eating beef or lamb."

    dogs are the natural enemy of the kitten...so, if eating dogs was the norm here we'd be faced with a kitten plague...then we'd have to introduce south american kitten eating beetles...but they'd just eat all the sugar cane... so we'd have to introduce the south american kitten beetle toad...
    thers also the idealogical stance, being that dogs bred for consumption in Asia are battery farmed, not free range dogs.
  15. I thought exceeding the speed limit by 5km/h was keeping the kitten population in check.
  16. This is what happens when you mess with the natural order of things.
  17. My omission was deliberate - yes, bacon is delicious. Nothing like a good feed of eggs and bacon to set one up for the day - or an egg and bacon roll on crispy sourdough.
  18. Iran is f**ked in the head.
    banning dogs in 2010 because of hadith-heresay written how many hundreds and thousands of years ago..? and these leaders have only just realised now that canines clash with their beliefs?

    if i was a Muslim I'd be ashamed of my faith and it's leaders.
  19. I think your right about it being a deliberately anti-western gesture. I doubt they are very concerned about the dogs themselves.
    FWIW the Shia clergy in Iran are much more hierarchically structured than Sunni and others elsewhere. So they are not really self-proclaimed in Iran. Most of them below to one of the large 'schools' and I don't think they would issue a fatwa (or have it publicised) unless it was agreed by the school.
    That doesn't mean all the schools will agree with it (unless it comes from Grand Ayatollah Khamanei himself).
    There is considerable division between the philosophy of some of these schools at the moment, as there also is amongst the population.
    I wouldn't mind betting Ahmadinajad is behind this.